OFM (Optimized Fat Metabolism) is a pathway and a conceptual model to get you back to burning fat as your aerobic energy source. 

Why is using fat as your energy source?

This of course has been a proven life and health strategy, however, recent data from  The FASTER Study has upheld our long held results-based belief that fat is a viable energy source for athletic performance.

In fact, it has proven superior that not only do you perform well using fat as your fuel, but there is so much less damage so recovery is far quicker, which results in better health.

“But surely you need carbs to perform?” you may ask. 

OFM and strategic carbs

We use Keto as a tool, to leverage ‘Strategic’ use of carbohydrates, but we are not deep or hardcore Keto. We find that proper use or “strategic use” allows the carbs to have a bigger impact using far less.  The result is:

  • You can have sustainable glycogen & glucose for threshold and anaerobic energy

  • You can perform at a high level continuously for longer endurance sports OR

  • You can have that explosive power when you need it for things like crossfit or OCR.

OFM was originally developed to support Vespa users, but we realize Vespa like OFM is a component in our toolkit.  Our ultimate goal is getting you to your ultimate performance by combining these tools to your INDIVIDUAL physiology & needs:

  • Ketogenic diet - to get your body fat adapted

  • Strategic carbs - for quick energy at threshold & anaerobic zone work

  • Vespa - to take your fat utilization to a deeper level. More fat burn at higher intensities

As we have mentioned when you can train and race with less “damage”, this will affect every facet of your life.

How to Use OFM to Maximize Your Health and Performance

I have assembled a group of hand picked coaches, all of who are OFM athletes, and have been through the process of becoming fat adapted and using it to perform.  These coaches aren’t following a “formula”. OFM is not just a Keto diet with some carbs. Our Coaches understand what an athlete needs and will work with you to understand your physiology to get the right blend of Fat adaptation / Carbs to suit your training and specific sport.

More importantly, we empower you to understand your own physiology.  This will allow you to adapt and understand your own body, so that you are not some app driven, box ticking athlete but you know and understand what your body needs to become the ‘Intuitive Athlete’.

The result: - reaching your health and performance potential.

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Get Your Metabolic Health Back To It's Natural State

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  • Reach Peak Health 
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