If you are new to OFM and Vespa Endurance you will notice we talk alot about Fat Adaptation being the key to your health and performance.

We also recognize if you rely on carbs to be your main source of fuel, that there are some huge shifts to make to become fat adapted.

So here is the first step...

Give Vespa a try.  Even if you don’t follow the OFM protocol you will notice some significant things in your performance:

  1. You don’t need as many carbs to get through your training / event
  2. Your recovery will be noticably better.

Misconceptions about Vespa

If you haven’t tried Vespa and you happen to pick a pouch up from the nutrition section at your local shop, you’ll probably notice 2 things right off the bat: 

  1. It is one of, if not THE most expensive product on the shelf.
  2. It only has 18 calories 

We know what you are thinking. “This has to be a gimmick and it’s definitely a total ripoff!” So how is the most expensive product on the shelf, the one with scant calories, the BEST VALUE?

Here is how Vespa Works

It’s simple, really. YOU literally have thousands of calories stored on your body, and Vespa is a catalyst to tap into your limitless energy. Analogous to the few grams of platinum in your car’s catalytic converter, the natural ingredients in Vespa, including the rare Wasp Extract, act as a catalyst instead of calories to enhance your body’s ability to tap into the tens of thousands of calories of fat for sustainable performance, focus and a recovery you have to experience to believe. 

The problem is this requires you to step back from the perspective you have been led to believe; that you need calories to avoid bonking. Unfortunately, you have been ‘sold & told’ this well intended but misguided message which has ignored evolutionary biology in favor of the modern man made solutions which have unintended consequences. VESPA, a completely natural product, harnesses the ‘Science of Nature’ instead of the man-made lab to work with your physiology to deliver steady stamina, maintain mental acuity and coordination and reduce the oxidative stress of burning sugar down to a fraction. In fact, the ingredients in VESPA are so natural it is classified by the FDA as a food based beverage instead of a dietary supplement!

And here’s how Vespa saves you money…

When you tap into YOUR limitless energy source, you avoid the multiple gels, bars, blocks or liquid nutrition, not to mention the pre-workout shake, the post workout recovery drink and the GI issues that go along with trying to consume calories while exercising! 

It’s only when you make the paradigm shift in recognizing burning fat as fuel is our native physiology for performance and health, the way NATURE intended, will you realize the priceless VALUE of Vespa!

Try some today WITHOUT making any changes to your diet and lifestyle and experience the potential of YOUR limitless energy!

Find out more about Vespa here  and give it a go!


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