Listen in and learn from this insightful conversation with OFM Host, Peter Defty and Guest Athlete, Tito Garza, on the health and performance benefits of OFM (Optimized Fat Metabolism). This conversation shares real world experience and insights providing nuggets of information on how the listener can:

  • Reduce Chronic Inflammation

  • Increase cardiovascular health & performance

  • Increase aerobic capacity

  • Individualize diet, training and lifestyle regimens to meet the athlete’s unique requirements and find the balance

1. Enhanced Breathing and Cardiovascular Efficiency:

How the OFM protocol provides an extraordinary improvement in his breathing capabilities, likening it to having a "third lung" during cyclocross competitions. This enhancement has allowed him to breathe more deeply than ever before, significantly benefiting his cycling performance. In Tito’s case he went from racing in the middle of the pack to back of the pack on keto, to winning on OFM.

2. Understanding Inflammation and Blood Flow:

The internal mechanisms of inflammation, particularly endothelial inflammation, and how it affects the cardiovascular system. Reduced inflammation allows for increased cardiovascular distensibility. the ability of blood vessels to increase in diameter for better blood volume movement through vital organs. This, in turn, increases fat oxidation, performance level glucose metabolism for improved athletic performance and recovery.

3. Impact on Heart Rate and Blood Pressure:

How reduced inflammation improves cardiovascular distensibility to help manage heart rate and blood pressure. Peter views the cardiovascular system as a "closed loop hydraulic system," where easing back pressure allows the heart to function more effectively without undue strain.

4. Personalized Training and Nutrition Approaches:

Tito remarks that until he arrived at OFM all of the dietary and training programs took a  "Cookie-cutter" approach. After adopting OFM Tito’s performance soared in every aspect of his life because OFM accounted for and factored in the variables in his life.  OFM also teaches the importance of individualized nutrition, fueling, hydration and training adjustments based on personal feedback/experience coupled with data to corroborate the experience in order to reach higher health and peak performance.

5. Strategic Carbs:

OFM uses concentrated forms of carbohydrates in the diet and fueling to provide an acute adaptive stress to improve metabolic capacity in addition to the immediate performance benefits carbs provide.  

Peter and Tito’s conversation provides actionable insights on the process of timing and adjusting of carbohydrate intake coupled to fasting periods which maintain hormonal balance are discussed in the context of one’s individual situation. This further supports how OFM empowers the individual to take control of their health and performance using their knowledge and personal/individual experience/feedback/intuition as one of the key drivers in their health and performance journey.

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