Today's podcast guest is Jeff Browning, a professional ultra runner who is one of the top five elite mountain ultra specialists at the 100 mile plus distance. He recently ran the Moab 240s, a 240 mile plus distance and not only won but set a course record. In this Podcast Jeff discusses:

  • the challenges faced during the race.
  • the importance of strategy in ultra running, including logistics, crew and pacers, sleep, and hydration and electrolyte balance. 
  • the physical effects of the race. 
  • his fueling and hydration strategy,
  • how he has been able to recover quickly after races by following the OFM protocol.
  • the benefits of the OFM approach, including feeling clear headed and having consistent energy levels.
  • thoughts on the carnivore diet and its benefits, including improved recovery from exercise and weight loss.
  • the negative effects of a high vegetable diet, specifically the toxic load of certain vegetables, and the importance of ruminants in the natural ecosystem.
  • the use of fruit as a "Strategic Carb" 
  • the use of Vespa and how it can help with recovery and fat oxidation. 

Peter and Jeff recommend using Vespa as a supplement during training and racing, and suggest reducing overall calorie intake while using it. They also recommend using Vespa on harder training days as well as for longer duration workouts. Find the podcast audio version and full article here -

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