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Is Your Anecdotal Experience Trumped by “Science”

I’d like to bust a myth that prevents you from achieving your potential: that anecdotal experience is trumped by ‘science’. Anecdotal is not the pejorative the experts and their followers make it out to be. Anecdotal is YOUR experience and if you experienced it, it is real. What that experience means is where the learning […]

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The 3 Keys to Your Superior Metabolic Health

Join us this week for “Metabolic Health Week” where Peter will be hosting 2 lives talking all things Metabolic.  To get the calls make sure you are on our email list and also you are in the Facebook Group click here to join. Over 20 years ago, immediately after bonking at my first marathon back […]

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The Priceless Freedom Money Can’t Buy

Why do we as a society obsess about obtaining financial freedom, yet in chasing this obsession with money and financial security, we too often trade our health and vitality? It’s an important musing each of us needs to consider because having all the money in the world means nothing compared to having all the health […]

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Metabolic Freedom Begins on a Cellular Level

The goal of today’s vlog is to help you make that mental connection on how YOUR health and performance begin at the cellular level. Without making this fundamental realization, you won’t have the motivation and incentive to make change happen. This is crucial to understanding how optimizing fat metabolism works to achieve optimal metabolic fitness […]

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Institutionalized Disease and Your Metabolic Health

This latest concept of ‘Institutionalized Disease’ that I want to share with you was brought to the fore by COVID, however this concept is much larger than COVID, and it is VERY important we start to think beyond the institutional thinking we have come to accept as ‘normal’ .   What we view as normal […]

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OFM=Metabolic Freedom

Today I want to introduce the concept of ‘Metabolic Freedom’ . . . You hear a lot these days about ‘Metabolic Flexibility’.  It is that next level or step in the journey of Optimizing Fat Metabolism.  What is Metabolic Freedom?This is where not only can your body have the metabolic flexibility to harness carbs, fats […]

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What’s YOUR Metabolic Age?

This article and video is about my observations of how optimizing fat metabolism is essential for anti-aging, and how athletes who are focusing on optimizing their fat metabolism actually feel they have reversed their age by decades.What inspired me to record this vlog and get YOU thinking about how you want to move through life, […]

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