It seems like not a week goes by without a scandal in sport about Performance Enhancing Drugs (PED’s).

It seems like performance enhancing drugs have permeated sport from the high stakes team sports to even small niche sports like ultra-running.   It is a part of this “win at all costs” psyche that will drive someone to do something not only illegal but not healthy for the athlete over the long term.

In the spirit of this theme, I wanted to share with you today about a PED that is legal, commonly available and you are probably using it right now - concentrated carbs.  That’s right - they are the most used and abused PED’s in sports nutrition.

I know what you are thinking - here is Peter on a crazy mind bender again.  But let’s look at the qualities of concentrated carbs to PED’s.

Do they enhance performance - YES!

Do they have unintended consequences?  YES

Are they addictive?  YES - you become addicted on a physiological, psychological or emotional level.

Are there long term downside consequences?  YES - things like type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, weight gain and even some links to other serious diseases. Even athletes cannot outrun the consequences of chronic use.

Carbs are not bad

I am not saying that carbs are bad. They actually can be quite good when used strategically.

The key is not to have carbs as the main fuel source, rather if you optimize your fat metabolism, you can use carbs as the “turbo” boost you need without the unintended consequences.

Carbs can be the legal PED without the downside if used strategically.

Check out this podcast for more on Carbs being a legal PED

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