Carlos Correia, a 63-year-old meteorologist, recounts his transformative journey from cycling to becoming an avid long-distance runner. Five years ago, inspired by his wife, he switched from cycling to running. Starting with shorter distances, Carlos soon developed a passion for longer races, initially struggling with energy management and physical adaptation.

His breakthrough came with the discovery of VESPA, a nutritional product tailored for athletes. Skeptical at first, Carlos tried VESPA during the Boston Marathon in 2019, a race he completed leisurely with his wife. Surprisingly, just 10 days after Boston, he tackled the Madeira Island Ultra Trail, a grueling 115-kilometer mountain race, finishing fourth in his age group in 26 hours. This achievement, so close to his marathon, highlighted the effectiveness of VESPA.

Carlos credits VESPA for significant improvements in his performance and recovery. He noticed a reduced reliance on traditional energy supplements like gels and bars, which he now deems unnecessary. The product not only helped him avoid energy crashes (bonking) during races but also enhanced his recovery, reducing swelling and discomfort post-race.

Emphasizing the importance of being both fat and carb-adapted, Carlos advocates for VESPA, highlighting its ease of digestion, pleasant taste, and its role in improving his endurance and energy management. His story is a testament to the benefits of proper nutrition and adaptation in long-distance running.

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