In this video I discuss how Vespa works with your Natural Physiology to unlock the boundless energy stored in your body without concentrated sugar and carbs, which can cause inflammation and a host of health challenges for athletes.

Watch the video and read the article on why this is working for hundreds of athletes:

Your Natural Physiology and Energy

Firstly, the huge myth out there is that you somehow need the high carb and concentrated sugars to fuel a performance.  This is not how our physiology evolved. Fat is our true natural aerobic energy source. When our body is naturally fat adapted, we are able to draw a massive amount of energy from our own body fat. This energy delivery pathway minimizes the damage from oxidative stress to our system and minimizes lactate load.

Our modern food source and is very different from the one we evolved to have making us captive “easy energy”.  This has resulted in an addiction and this addiction to easy energy has “unintended consequences” which breakdown our natural robustness.  Sugars and carbs can act like “nitrous oxide” does in a car engine - it can give you a huge boost, however, a car won’t last long running on nitrous for long periods of time.

While significantly less corrosive than the high carb approach many high fat keto options don’t work either, especially when it comes to athletic performance. The digestive process and load of absorbing fat is highly taxing and best saved for meal time rather than training and racing. And highly refined keto products like the various MCT oils are not only the “keto version of a gel” but can literally go right through you during exercising resulting in diarrhea!

The solution is to make tapping into your onboard energy sources; fat & glycogen, as your primary sources the way Nature intended to prevent the downward spiral of becoming ever more dependent upon exogenous energy sources you’ve been ‘sold & told’ into believing are absolutely necessary.

How Vespa Works with Your Natural Physiology

Vespa is a natural tool to help get your body back to its foundational physiology and more! Vespa’s key ingredient, wasp extract, is a bio-active peptide derived from the Asian Mandarin Wasp in an accidental discovery of Nature by Japanese entomologists. In their study of the wasp they were amazed at its ability to fly up to 70+ kilometers per day, kill prey, masticate said prey into a food ball, then haul up to a third of its body weight in this food ball back to the colony to feed to the larvae. In a process called ‘Trophallaxis’ the larvae, secrete the wasp extract which is essential for the adult wasp to be able to access the fat stored in its thorax for energy.

Because the physiology of animal cells are remarkably similar across species the scientists hypothesized the wasp extract peptide would exert a similar physiological impact on the cells of other animals, including humans! Subsequent Japanese studies demonstrated the efficacy of the wasp extract peptide on rats, mice and humans. Based upon 2 decades of results-based experience with thousands of Vespa users, Vespa actually naturally supercharges your fat burning ability!

Here’s how you’ll benefit from Vespa & your natural physiology to harness your limitless energy:

  • Steady & stable energy without the hyper rushes up or crashes down

  • Minimal damage to your system means “really quick” recovery

  • No bonking during an event.

  • No stomach problems caused by high carb supplements nor GI distress from fats

  • Better performance using a superior source of aerobic energy

  • Improved mental focus and emotional stability

  • Retention of fine motor skills/coordination

  • Health - tapping into your natural energy delivery pathways allows it YOUR engine to run at its potential allowing the benefits of physical performance to translate into optimal health!

While most people think of Vespa as a ‘voodoo’ supplement because they don’t understand Vespa’s approach the truth is actually completely the opposite their perception. Vespa is so natural it is NOT classified as a Dietary Supplement but as an ‘Acidified Food’ by the FDA (U.S. Food & Drug Administration)!  

So if you are looking for a safe and natural way to attain your health and performance potential Vespa offers value beyond any supplement on the market because Vespa is NOT a supplement!

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