In this fascinating podcast clip, Peter Mortimer talks about the athletic lifestyle and his career and an often overlooked aspect of athletic success – nutrition and its impact on performance.
If you are looking into optimizing your fat metabolism Peter is the ultimate example of what is possible when you build metabolic capacity and how easy it is to fuel your body when you have the right nutritional balance.

Here are some of the points we discussed:

Impact of Diet on Lifestyle: 

Peter emphasizes how OFM helps maintain his mood and energy levels despite a hectic schedule involving work, family, and coaching athletes. He attributes his ability to perform strenuous activities on minimal calories to this protocol.

Eating Habits: 

A preference for a large dinner with a focus on whole food protein sources (like red meat) and vegetables. Peter mentions using healthy oils like olive and avocado oil and the importance of seasoning for sodium intake, especially due to his physical exertion and the low sodium content of whole foods (compared to highly processed foods which are often high in sodium).

Metabolic Flexibility: 

Peter loves the metabolic stability OFM provides. This allows him to function consistently at a high level even with erratic schedules and during long surgical procedures without regular meals.

Transition from Conventional Diet: 

Peter reflects on the negative impact of his previous, dietary chooices and how transitioning to his current diet regimen (referred to as the "Vespa OFM program") has improved his overall well-being and performance.

Challenges with the Modern Food Industry: 

We discuss concerns about food labeling and the prevalence of unhealthy ingredients in common foods. This not only emphasizes the importance of choosing whole foods over processed ones but how much easier it is because you don’t have to read any label!

Simple Approach to Eating: 

This video clip highlights that OFM is a straightforward approach to eating - consuming whole foods until full and not getting caught up in the complexities of carb counting, macro calculating or other strict dietary metrics.

In summary, the interview focuses on how OFM is a whole food, protein-rich diet an active person can thrive on for the long haul. Peter is a prime example of how OFM has significantly benefited his ultra-running performance, work in the medical field, and overall lifestyle. OFM stresses the importance of simplicity and awareness in dietary choices, especially in the context of modern life.

Whether you're an aspiring athlete, a seasoned runner, or simply someone interested in the intersection of diet and athletic performance, we can help you to reach a new level of “Higher Health & Peak Performance” for the long haul.

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