So if you have seen the news on the ‘Murder Hornets’ or watched my video taking about how we extract the peptide responsible for powering these Badasses of the Insect world to put into every pouch of VESPA you are probably thinking, ‘Yeah, this has to be a gimmick, right?’

Well check out this tribute from some of our athletes: 

Many of our biggest supporters started off thinking that!

You’re not alone. We’ve been flamed by ‘experts’ in publications like Sports Illustrated and the NY Times: 

It’s only natural to be skeptical of something foreign and outside our understanding not to mention something really far outside the box of conventional thinking. Even our ‘Fat is your fuel’ approach is foreign to most athletes! 

But guess what? Even many VESPA users, people who now won’t train or compete without it, thought it was a gimmick before trying it. 

People like Janet, Nick and Kuni use VESPA because they are investing in their health and performance….as you can see it’s paying off! (see the video above)

Their experiences can help convince you to move past the ‘gimmick’ phase to the ‘benefit’ phase of using VESPA so you can experience what tapping into YOUR limitless energy is all about.

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