There is a lot of ‘buzz’ going around about the use of exogenous ketone esters for athletic and tactical performance. In addition to the buzz, there is the marketing hype and false promises creating confusion for athletes. To help you with the confusion, I will discuss the important things you need to know about Ketone Esters and the role they can play in your fueling strategy.

Free Ketones

First of  all, ketones are a vital energy substrate. The simple truth is, when you build metabolic capacity, your body is capable of producing upwards of 300 grams per day of clean burning ketones, which is a by-product optimizing your fat metabolism. All at no cost. 

Unfortunately most people are actually not metabolically fit, including athletes. In fact, most people don’t produce any ketones for energy production due to elevated insulin. This is especially true when following the modern sports nutrition advice that will have you consuming far too many carbohydrates.

How Exogenous Ketones Can Help Your Performance 

And this is where exogenous ketone esters can play a pivotal role in your performance and health. Ketone ester supplementation can:

  • Add a quick aerobic energy source to your fueling when timed & dosed properly
  • Accelerate recovery after a competition or hard training
  • Increase cognitive performance because your brain loves ketones and your neural cells actually prefer ketones over glucose
  • Help manage and/or reset your metabolism

The caveat here is this: Timing and context matter. Ketone esters are not the magic bullet all those online influencers seem to make them out to be.

Your Chance To Try Exogenous Ketones

Once again, Vespa & OFM cut through the hype to offer you a chance to try exogenous ketone esters for FREE! 

We’ve partnered with Ketone Aid, the first and one of the only companies offering true ketone esters based upon the work of Dr. Richard Veech. 

With each 12 pack of VESPA you purchase we will include a sample of KetoneAid Ke1 Ketone Shot, containing 2 x 3 gram servings of Ketone Esters or a single 6 gram mega shot.

This means when you purchase 2 x 12 packs you’ll get 2 samples of Ke1, etc. 

This special offer is good whether you are new to VESPA, an Ambassador, or using a discount coupon. Use the coupon code ‘KetoneAid’ and we’ll do the rest. 

We have several athletes using VESPA, a metabolic catalyst for their ‘Foundational Fueling’ of onboard energy, then adding ketone esters and carbs/sugars for that performance push they need to reach their potential. This yields the steady, bonk proof energy, focus and a recovery you’ll have to experience to believe is possible while giving you the performance boost you need to win in sport and Life!

Finally, a special thanks to Frank Llosa at KetoneAid for making this possible. Frank’s deep knowledge of both the science and application of ketones is unparalleled because he was mentored by Dr. Veech himself. If you want to take a deeper dive to help cut through the soundbite science and hype then click the link in the resources to listen to or watch my podcast conversation with Frank Llosa of KetoneAid. It’s just over an hour and fifteen minutes but packed with information you can use.  See the link.

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