In today's podcast with Peter Mortimer, we not only discuss athletic endeavors, we  deep dive into the lifestyle that enables peak performance both in sports and in life. Peter exemplifies the concept of living life to its fullest potential.  He discusses his career in the medical device industry, highlighting the unique challenges and the dynamic nature of his work schedule. In addition he discusses his very busy athletic schedule and how his metabolic capacity enables him to do both at a high level.

Episode Highlights:

  • Balancing Work, Family, and Ultra-Running
    • Peter delves into how his metabolic health and robustness aids in managing a hectic work schedule, family life, and demanding training for ultra marathons.

    • Insights into his family life and the mutually supportive relationship he nurtures with his partner, Cisca.

  • Race Highlights and Strategies
    • Recounting his 2023 victories and experiences in races such as Mongollon Monster 100, Man Against Horse 50, and his second overall at the 268 mile Spine Race across Northern England while suffering severe jet lag.

    • Peter shares his strategies for success, including his approach to nutrition and energy management during races.

  • The Impact of Metabolic Health on Performance and Lifestyle
    • A detailed discussion on how adopting OFM transformed Peter's athletic performance and overall well-being.

    • Peter’s personal experience transitioning to OFM, the challenges faced, and the profound benefits realized.

  • Coaching and Helping Others Achieve Their Best
    • Peter talks about his passion for coaching and helping other athletes achieve their best.

    • Insights into his coaching philosophy, approach, and the personalized attention he provides to his clients.

  • Future Plans and Aspirations

    • Peter shares his future race aspirations and his long-term plans involving ultra-running and coaching.

    • He expresses his desire to travel, explore new trails, and continuing to inspire others through his coaching and personal endeavors.


Peter Mortimer's story is a testament to what can be achieved with the right mindset, commitment to one's goals, and building metabolic capacity. His journey from average runner to ultra-running champion, while managing a professional career and family life, is an inspiration to all aspiring athletes and individuals striving for balance and excellence in their lives.

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