What the heck does the Superbowl have to do with Fasting have to do with Endurance Sports?  Well I shot this before Christmas and didn’t get it to you, however, with the winter weight gain and the upcoming Superbowl  now makes this the perfect time! Heck, some people think the Superbowl is way better than Christmas!

There are 3 great times to use start Intermittent Fasting:

1. Off season, Superbowl and Get Togethers.

Fasting is a great way to really enjoy the “get togethers” and also deal with the off season weight gain that comes from those wonderful wintery foods.

The OFM method is not about constantly being on a restrictive diet and not enjoying time with your family and friends. We want you to enjoy these times, enjoy the festivities, but with the skills, knowledge and confidence to navigate the off season so you don’t wind up starting over with 10+ pounds to lose.

This is why fasting is key.  By do so, you can moderate the overflow of calories, carbs and alcohol of the festivities while keeping within the, ‘easy to lose’ 3-5 pound weight gain.

Because winter signals your body to put on weight trying to maintain your target weight is just one more stressor because you are fighting your body’s natural physiology. On the other hand allowing some drift yet keeping things in striking distance ( say 5-7 pounds) is very doable.

2.  After a big event

Another great time to fast is after a race or competition. Your body is physiologically ready and pre-disposed if you are a fat adapted athlete. Instead of wanting to ‘eat the house down’ after a big event the fat adapted athlete generally finds themselves in a ‘hunger suppressed’ state. This makes for a seamless transition to the IF lifestyle.

3. When your training load is low

When your in the off season and winter training loads often drop dramatically thus lowering the energy demand. Fasting becomes a critical tool for keeping you in energy balance. Add to this the Holidays, family gatherings and social events like the Superbowl where ‘Less than Optimal’ snack foods and alcohol are part of the fare the imperative for fasting as part of your ‘game-strategy’ is crucial. 

Combining fasting with low to moderate intensity fasted training of 1-2 hours in duration are great combination strategies to attenuate hunger which will result in maintaining base fitness and weight stability.

Why Intermittent Fasting is Good For You

Both IF and fat adaptation work together to speed your recovery in a multitude of ways.

  • Lower oxidative stress for minimal damage. With OFM by far the biggest factor of recovery is the DAMAGE PREVENTION of lower oxidative stress 

  • Post event Fasting incurs a host of health benefits in a short window of a few days. These include autophagy, strengthening the immune system, hormonal reset including improving insulin sensitivity and resetting your fat-burning physiology in a short time fram

IF signals to the body to recruit the energy from your own body fat.  It enables you to eat well, enjoy your time with friends and family while keeping your weight regulated. This actually gives your digestive tract a much needed break from the rich foods and feasting that comes during the off-season.

As I have mentioned in my article on Off Season Intermittent Fasting Tips, make sure you keep the fasting windows reasonable and make them achievable. Remember, if you are struggling to get through a fast you have already missed one of the key goals. Fasting should simply happen without thinking about it. 

Finally YOU are an individual, so understanding your physiology is at the center - you are not a macro or a metric - the key here is to retain and improve your health and enjoy life! .

So take advantage of this powerful tool in these next 3-4 weeks and you will find yourself ready to tackle your spring training ready and motivated but without the extra weight.

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