This week we are interviewing Vespa / OFM Ambassador Bree Lambert Sanders, who is a nutritionist and coach in the San Jose area. Bree who, at 54 years young, still competes at the elite level including winding up with an overall win or a place on the podium .  

In this interview, Bree explains that she has always had a passion for fitness and nutrition. Her business, Live Well Finish Strong, focuses on nutrition and movement for business executives and athletes in Silicon Valley.  After several years of watching the consistent performance of fellow ultrarunners Bree made the switch from a high carbohydrate approach to using Vespa and adopting the OFM protocol. She shares her experience including how her performance, recovery and overall health/longevity have benefited in spite of being a “Woman of a certain age”. We also discuss the longevity aspects of making the switch to fat based fuel. 

Bree discusses the benefits of being metabolically healthy in the podcast.

Here are some of the talking points:

  • How Vespa and OFM have helped Bree with performance and recovery.

  • The combination of Vespa and the OFM protocol has been shown to help prevent cellular damage and aid recovery.

  • How and why OFM Athletes like Jeff Browning are able to keep  doing something big every six weeks due to the rapid recovery of OFM and Vespa, which is actually due to the prevention of damage from burning glucose.

  • Research from the Western States Study showed how fat-adapted athletes' cell wall fatty acid levels returned to pre-race levels within two days after Western States, while the conventional fueled athletes were still struggling to normalize a week after the event.

  • How the effect of proper sun exposure is necessary to generate vitamin D, referencing Andrew Huberman who discusses the importance of rest, good nutrition, and sunlight to achieve wellness.

  • Carbs and Calories - why people need calories, but they don't need as much as they think they do, especially if they're fat-adapted.

  • Women are designed to be the ultimate fat burners. While they have more sensitive hunger triggers and store more fat easily, females have to be self-sufficient during late gestation, childbirth, and lactation.

  • The effect of stress and how it can be just as detrimental to health as too many carbs in the diet.

  • How being metabolically healthy makes people less prone to illnesses and chronic diseases as they don’t have a compromised immunity system and metabolism.

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