The term Metabolic Capacity is not a catch-phrase I just thought of, however it has been an evolving concept over several years. It’s origins come from reading scientific journal publications, online blogs or articles and real world anecdotal evidence which contradicted my own experience working with athletes who were literally pushing the boundaries of Human performance. 

The dive down this rabbit hole was to find a unifying conceptual model to reconcile these contradictions. The result of this was/is the term Metabolic Capacity. 

How this concept of Metabolic Capacity came  to light

While my work focuses primarily on Metabolic Health for Performance three touchstone metabolic topics which directly contradicted what I was observing and experiencing were: 

  • Ron Rosedale’s work with Protein intake and mTor including his citations of the primary literature as a basis for advocating protein restriction. As an aside, Ron is a huge proponent of minimizing glucose metabolism for longevity. His ‘demons’ are excess protein and glucose….but why? 
  • Judy Baker and Grant Genereux’s discoveries on Vitamin A toxicity...liver and egg yolks are fantastic bioavailable sources of Vitamin A, and considered health foods one should include in the diet, yet these credible sources present compelling evidence for Vitamin A as a toxic substance and advocate eliminating or minimizing it’s intake. This sharply counters with many studies, case studies and anecdotal evidence…..again, why?
  • My conversations with Dr. Kaayla Daniel on Vitamin D supplementation. Kaayla used to be an advocate but, in her Weston Price days had a change of thinking which made her extremely cautious of Vitamin D supplementation. 

Because I have mad respect for Ron, Judy, Grant and Kaayla, I could not simply dismiss what they were saying because it didn’t fit my worldview, rather I sought to understand why they were seeing and experiencing outcomes almost diametrically opposed to what I was seeing. Out of this came the concept of Metabolic Capacity. 

The one key factor that determines Metabolic Health

You see Ron, Judy, Grant and Kaayla’s subjects were relatively sedentary and often metabolically compromised.  Both dramatically decrease metabolic capacity.

Then there is the type of diet these subjects are on or, as importantly, were on, which led to becoming metabolically compromised and/or sedentary, thus having diminished Metabolic Capacity. 

Athletes don’t escape this, a diet and fueling strategy that depends upon concentrated carbohydrates as the principle energy source will in the long run diminish Metabolic Capacity. Just as 2014 24 Hour World Champion Jon Olsen talks about the trajectory he was on prior to using VESPA and adopting OFM. 

This is not a scare tactic nor fear based marketing ploy. People who know me or have worked with me know I don’t sugar coat stuff. I say it like it is, which, in today’s woke world, can be ‘shocking’. The truth often is shocking, especially when it is opposite to what we have been led to believe. 

You have the ability to know this

Confirmational Bias and our modern addiction to convenience is intellectual sloth plain and simple. YOU are smart and have a BRAIN. Use it! Turn to and trust yourself and your ability to think rather than rely on an expert or a paper.

Get curious and take the time to listen and think about new information, rather than reject it because there is not a lot of published science and/or it counters a convenient buzzword that seems to encapsulate everything. 

Building your Metabolic Capacity to its potential is a great way to start. The term Metabolic Capacity is not a buzzword, but a springboard in your journey to higher health and peak performance.  

If you want to see the results of athletes and people of all ages who have seen the benefits of Metabolic Capacity check out our hero wall.

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