If you’ve got kids you are probably familiar with the rotation of drinks and snacks between parents for game day. And what are those snacks and drinks composed of? Doesn’t matter if it is chips, cookies, cheez-its, granola bars, sports drinks or juice boxes, these all add up to nothing but sugar. This is the sad state of affairs across Youth Sports.

I went down the proverbial rabbit hole to see how bad the situation is and the journal publications only corroborated what I’ve been thinking and saying for years . . . and it’s REALLY bad. . . . 19.7% of children and adolescents are now categorized as obese. That essentially means 1 in 5 kids are obese which does not take into account those who are simply overweight!

Now you might be thinking, “Well, that’s not my kid because he/she is not overweight and plays sports” . . . think again. 

“The estimated number of youth aged 10-19 living with type 2 diabetes increased from 34 per 100,000 in 2001 to 67 per 100,000 in 2017” . . . that’s a 97% increase and you don’t have to be overweight nor sedentary to develop Diabetes! The same report also showed a 45% increase in Type 1 Diabetes for children 0-19 . . . and, get this, Type 1 is more prevalent in white youth over minority youth!

With that being said and as youth sports get under way, ask yourself,

 “How am I fueling my child?”  

The answer will probably shock you and many of you, Mothers out there may feel you have let your child down or even were doing them harm by giving them all these sugar laden snacks to fuel their sports? It’s not your fault, and your kid(s) will probably be fine precisely because you are watching this video. 

The reason for your actions is threefold:

Reason 1 -   Problem is a lot of these ‘sugars’ are marketed as “healthy snacks” and even as “Heart Healthy” foods and drinks when they are sugar plain and simple...

Reason 2.  98% of the sports nutrition advice currently available for Youth Sports is to consume a lot of sugar veiled as sports drinks, snacks, granola bars, pasta, rice cereal, etc. A simple lookup will tell you that 55-65% of a youth athletes’ calories should be composed of carbohydrates!  It doesn’t matter whether your child is playing soccer, football, tennis or running Cross-Country, fueling their sport with too much sugar is an eventual deadend.

Reason 3.  Because of the unseen metabolic shifts caused by feeding your child a lot of sugar, giving them that “pick me up” of a snack or sports drink at game time seems to work in the moment. This is what I call “The Blood Sugar Rollercoaster” and a “Legal PED”

Now that you realize the “expert” conventional advice is wrong you have to be asking yourself:

“What’s a parent to do?”

I am asking you these questions because it is critically important NOW to set your child up for success throughout Life with the foundation of metabolic health. 

There has to be a better way. . . and there is! The same principles of optimizing fat metabolism to tap into limitless onboard energy apply to your child.  And for kids the most convenient way to start is with Vespa Junior, a natural catalyst, to ‘jump start’ their limitless onboard energy.

Listen in on a conversation with Jeff Browning where we discuss how his sons benefit in a variety of ways from using Vespa to tap into their limitless natural energy in the video above at 5mins 35 seconds.

Tackling your child's dietary choices

The challenge of transforming your child’s dietary choices is huge and cannot be tackled head on. This makes the beauty of using Vespa Junior to “jump start” your child’s native physiology all the more compelling. Simply getting them off the “Blood Sugar Rollercoaster” of the modern snack foods, juice boxes and sports drinks so prevalent in youth sports, will get them started toward making better choices…..remember, baby steps….by reducing their need for that sugar hit during exercise, they will then be primed to crave foods much higher in protein and fat after their games and practices, instead of another ‘hit’ of sugar. 

If you have any doubt watch how my 6 & 8 year olds do a fasted 6 mile run/hike at 10,000 elevation at the Ancient Bristlecone Pine National Monument on a Vespa Ultra-Concentrate and a few pieces of candy. (see video above at 9mins 15 seconds)

Children & Adolescents are resilient.  High sugar and high carb fueling does not “seem” to have the adverse effects that plague us in adult life, however, this does not mean the damage is not occurring. . . the very damage that leads to health and performance challenges in adult life.  

The great news is you are here. We are the pioneers and innovators in optimizing fat metabolism for performance and metabolic health. Through our development of programs, protocols and products that have yielded winning results in the real world of competition and led to the ground breaking science and data to corroborate those experiences. We can help you and your child attain higher health and peak performance.

To support you and your child’s health and performance, we’ve created a special offer.

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If you want more guidance on giving your child the best fueling, check out our Metabolic Testing data on the Vespa site then take a peek at the real world success athletes of all ages and abilities are enjoying using Vespa as part of their goal of attaining higher health & peak performance in every aspect of Life!

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