Running ultras is not for the faint-hearted. I recently had a chance to chat with Jesse Haynes, who juggles a demanding job and long commutes while chasing his passion as an elite level ultramarathoner. Our conversation unveiled an intriguing journey into the transformative effects of Vespa & OFM.

Jesse’s story with Vespa and OFM began after seeing his friend, Jeff Browning, experience a remarkable physical transformation. Jeff not only morphed his physique into a leaner version of himself but also won his first 100-mile race using Vespa & OFM even bouncing back to his regular routine within a few days later. This powerful testament immediately sparked Jesse to embrace using Vespa and OFM (Optimized Fat Metabolism).

Jesse’s transition was not as dramatic as one might expect. He’d always maintained a diet focused primarily on whole foods with plenty of protein and fat. Thus, the switch to Vespa and OFM felt more like a fine-tuning than an overhaul. Everyone is an individual.

The most impressive aspect of this journey revolves around the changes witnessed since the adoption of Vespa. Jesse observed a considerable reduction in their caloric intake during endurance races. A striking example being a grueling 100K race that took him approximately ten hours to complete. The total calorie count was just around 2500, a surprisingly low figure given the energy expenditure these activities typically demand.

Perhaps even more beneficial is the significant improvement in post-race recovery. It used to take four to five days of battling intense muscle soreness before Jesse could even think about running again. Now, one to two days of mild discomfort is all he has to contend with, and he can lace up his running shoes and hit the trails within four days post-race.

In spite of the demanding job, characterized by long hours and commute times Jesse manages to maintain a rigorous training regime. The work week mainly involves strength and stretch routines, with the bulk of his running reserved for weekends. This includes back-to-back long runs of up to 30 miles each day in preparing for a 100-mile race. Jesse is careful, however, not to put his body under such extreme stress throughout the year and reserves these big volume training weekends at the tail end of a significant training block for a big race.

Jesse’s experience is not just a testament to Vespa & OFM, but it is a story of each of us can perform at a high level well into our 50’s and 60’s in every aspect of your life by reaching the state of “Higher Health & Peak Performance” provided by optimizing fat metabolism (OFM)!

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