The best fight against disease – Metabolic Fitness…

Today, I am talking about our immune system function.  In light of Covid, this is appropriate, however, this concept goes far beyond the current climate and focuses on how our bodies fight the viruses and bacteria we are exposed to on a daily basis.

To stay on track, let’s use CoVid-19 as it is the most topical pathogen we face today. We are seeing a wide spectrum of symptoms and outcomes, from the deaths to completely asymptomatic cases, which the data now suggests is a much higher percentage of the population than originally thought.

So, in light of this, here is a statement I want you to consider:

The Virulence of the Virus LIES in the Host

This means that the degree that CoVid-19 affects you depends on the metabolic health of the host - YOU. 

Metabolic health is much more than being able to complete an ironman, an ultra or Crossfit’s Murph.

Diane Cridennda, Vespa/OFM Athlete

When we consider the concept of “The Virulence of the Virus LIES in the Host,” this leads to the question: “What can I do to improve my metabolic health?”

This empowers you to take action to preempt having a significant Covid infection or any other common virus or bacteria we are exposed to on a daily basis. 

Our work with thousands of athletes over the past two decades suggests optimizing fat metabolism should form the foundation for great metabolic health. After all, fat metabolism is the aerobic metabolic physiology evolution shaped us for!

Not only do these athletes perform better than ever, but have strong immune systems and report feeling much younger than their chronological age.

Read Diane Cridennda's Story, Vespa/OFM Athlete)

(Kuni Yamagata completing the 2019 Rio del Lago 100 Mile in under 24 hours at the age of 66!)

So when you start framing most viral ‘disease’ exposures/infections from the perspective of: “The Virulence of the virus LIES in the Host,” you will realize only you have the power to take action today, tomorrow and beyond. 

Our goal is to be your Guide, not your Guru, to support your individual journey to achieving optimal health & performance at every level.

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