How Jeff Pierce reversed the aging clock and reached peak health in his 60’s

I wanted to share this story with you because unlike miracle "reverse aging" products, this is a real life case study about how proper sports nutrition can overcome the problems that come with aging.

The first time I met my good friend Jeff Pierce was in 2010. I had recently relocated to Visalia, California and was looking to network with other runners and get to know the local trails. Through a mutual friend who was managing the local running store, Sole2Soul Sports, I was invited to participate on a trail run on Case Mountain Road located at the base of the Sierra Nevada Mountains about 45 minutes away.

Jeff is a life-long runner and decades ago successfully completed and competed at the ultra-running distances before starting a family and becoming a minister. With his weekends now filled with the ministry and kids activities he continued with early morning runs 2-3 times per week with the Visalia Runners.

Now Jeff and Tari, his wife, were and are very health conscious. Jeff was a Vegan from 21-30 and moved to adding eggs, chicken, fish and dairy to his diet from 30-53 but no red meat. Like many athletes their diet was high in dietary carbohydrates and low in fat. But as the years clicked off the weight and ‘issues’ piled on. Tendonitis, Plantar Fasciitis, Baker’s Cysts were among the painful challenges which converged on Jeff as he grew ‘older.’

With the kids grown & a new career he rekindled his love for the longer distances and trails. We met up early and on the drive out I was asked about VESPA and my work. I articulated the benefits of VESPA and tapping into fat as fuel but also described how humans are meant to consume animal products, including the concept of ‘Whole Animal’ eating. This resonated with Jeff as he had heard about ‘The Warrior Diet’ and what I was saying about OFM sounded similar. Jeff and Ted had their multiple gels ready to take with them for the long seven and a half mile climb to Cinnamon Gap our turnaround point for the 15 mile run. I had my 2 VESPA’s totalling a whopping 38 calories, one before and one at the turnaround.

Talk is cheap but what cemented things for Jeff was the run and what he witnessed that day as he describes in this video. Jeff immediately made the switch to using VESPA and adopting the OFM lifestyle in full. . . The result?  At the age of 54 Jeff got down to his High School Weight of 145, all of his tendonitis, Plantar’s etc. disappeared and he now regularly runs 20 miles on a weekend morning fueled by his own body fat. Over the past 9 years of following OFM and using VESPA he has effortlessly maintained this weight and remained injury free.  He is healthier, fitter and stronger than ever! OFM has allowed him and his wife to enjoyably complete adventures such as the John Muir Trail and Grand Canyon effortlessly in his 60’s.

Learn how you can not only enjoy the health and performance you deserve to have but reverse the aging process and feel decades younger!

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