Gael Aliphon's journey in athletics and trail running is both remarkable and inspiring. Starting as a school athlete, Aliphon initially focused on hurdles and other athletics at the national and Indian Ocean level. However, his running was limited, with his longest run being just 10 to 15 minutes. After a period of inactivity, a friend introduced him to trail running, sparking his interest in the sport.

Aliphon's trail running career began in his early fifties, starting with a race in Mauritius. He gradually progressed to longer distances, facing challenges such as gastrointestinal distress and muscle soreness. Initially relying on traditional energy gels for fuel, he often experienced stomach issues post-race.

His turning point came when he learned about Vespa and OFM (Optimized Fat Metabolism) from Travis Macy, an American endurance athlete. Intrigued, Aliphon contacted Peter Defty, the developer of Vespa, and began integrating it into his training. He noticed significant improvements in his performance and recovery, including completing a 49-hour race with minimal use of energy gels, relying instead on Vespa and a high-fat diet.

Embracing the OFM protocol, Aliphon found that being fat-adapted through Vespa helped him recover faster, allowing more intensive training. He noted the financial trade-offs of using Vespa in Mauritius, offset by reduced spending on other supplements like gels. Aliphon emphasizes the transformative impact of the OFM protocol on his athletic performance and recovery, advocating for others to explore its benefits. His journey underscores the importance of continual learning and adapting in pursuit of athletic excellence.

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