Tina Hein shares her transformative journey beyond the dietary component of OFM by delving into stress management, biomechanics and breathing with host, Peter Defty. Tina reveals how “something was missing” in the keto diet and by transitioning to Optimized Fat Metabolism (OFM) this tuned her into a more harmonious state of being, because OFM goes ‘Beyond Keto’ by including an emphasis on the crucial roles of stress reduction and biomechanical balance to enhance movement and breathing. This, of course, enhances overall life quality.

Key Highlights:

  • Discovering OFM: Tina explores how the OFM approach resonated with her after finding the keto diet lacking, setting the stage for a deeper understanding of her body.

  • The Art of Stress Reduction: A pivotal point in Tina's journey was acknowledging and addressing her chronic stress. This caused her to realize just how much of a role chronic stressors have on one’s metabolism, physiology and outlook on Life. 

  • Adaptation: Tina and Peter discuss the incredible human capacity for adaptation to less than optimal aspects of our life, yet, if not addressed, have a huge impacts when not addressed. This highlights the transformational impact of becoming more attuned to one's stress levels.

  • Breathing and Biomechanics:  Tina and Peter delve into the Alexander Technique and Feldenkrais Method, underscoring the profound influence of proper biomechanics and breathing on stress relief and physiological health.

  • A Journey of Physical Realignment:  Tina shares a powerful realization about her movement patterns and posture, brought forth by her sessions with a Feldenkrais practitioner. This revelation opened her eyes to the cumulative impact of stress and trauma stored in her body, leading to a comprehensive effort to reframe her movement, breathing and physical presence.

  • Network Spinal Chiropractic & Meditation: The discussion transitions into Tina's current explorations with network spinal chiropractic and meditation, showcasing ongoing efforts to integrate her posture, movement, and mental state.

  • Running as a Reflection of Balance: A memorable running experience with her son becomes a metaphor for life, as Tina relates the dynamic balance required in proper running to broader principles of alignment, breathing, and movement.

  • Insights on Movement Efficiency: Peter provides valuable insights into the mechanics of running, standing, and breathing, emphasizing the significance of proper alignment, stress reduction and the natural synergy between movement and breath.

What You'll Learn:

  • How stress, and physical alignment interconnect to influence wellness and performance.

  • The significance of acknowledging and managing stress for a healthier life.

  • The transformative potential of biomechanics-focused practices like the Alexander Technique and Feldenkrais Method.

  • The importance of physical realignment and mindful balanced movement in overcoming life's accumulated pressures.

  • Techniques for achieving a state of dynamic balance and movement efficiency, whether running, standing, or breathing.

Who Should Listen:

This episode is a must-listen for anyone seeking to deepen their understanding of how stress and posture/biomechanics can dramatically affect one's quality of life. This does not downplay the dietary aspects of one’s life but highlights the more nuanced yet equally important areas of stress, biomechanics and breathing and how they are integral parts of one’s health and performance which can result in an ‘Upward Cascade’ of health and performance. Tina and Peter's insights offer valuable guidance on the path to holistic health.

If you want to hear the full podcast join us on Tina’s transformative journey as we explore the intricate dance of nourishing the body, calming the mind, and aligning the soul.

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