Podcast:  With Dr Linda Frazier about Metabolic Health, Longevity and Fighting Chronic Disease

Pediatrician, Marathoner and “Liver of Life” Dr. Linda Frazier and I got together for this conversation. Linda has been in practice since 1984 and continues to do fill-in work at a youth detention facility and participate in medical mission trips overseas, most recently doing Pediatric Care in an orphanage in El Salvador, Central America. 

Linda is living a life fully aligned with her biology as a wife, mother, grandmother, and caretaker, and that she has a positive attitude towards life. Linda also coaches the buffalo chips youth program and recently participated in the Metabolic Reset Program before heading to Central America to do her volunteer work..

Talking Points:

  • Linda's journey; 

    • High Carb/Low Fat and the ‘unintended consequences’

    • Adoption of Primal

    • OFM

    • Lifetime PR at the Marathon Distance at the age of 64

  • The importance of getting rid of stress and enjoying life while still eating good food

  • The benefits of fat adaptation and shifting away from the traditional carbohydrate-centric mindset

  • The science behind fat oxidation during exercise and the studies that have shown the benefits of fat adaptation.

  • The importance of maintaining Metabolic Health in order to prevent viral infections and other health issues.

  • In the US, people consume too many carbohydrates and, physically,  do too little and how this eventually leads to a predisposed metabolism towards glucose, which can increase the risk of viral infections.

  • The link between sugar and white cell function, and how high sugar levels can make white cells "lazy" and less effective in fighting off infections.

  • The link between sugar and cancer, and how cancer cells require sugar to grow. Linda also mentions some research from UCLA on ovarian cancer and the benefits of a ketogenic diet.

  • This is a program for anyone and not extreme athletes

Linda is a living, breathing example of what life can be when you get your body back to burning fat as your fuel the way Nature intended so you can achieve “Higher Health & Peak Performance.”