[CoVid Update] The Best Defense is a Strong Offense

I want to continue our conversation on how to ‘convert retreat into advance’ as echoed from Franklin Roosevelt’s inaugural address during the Great Depression. We are living in similar fearful times and have retreated in that fear. We have been told to ‘shelter in place’ and while isolation for the past month has been needed to stop the progression of this highly transmissible virus the numbers clearly show it is now time to convert ‘retreat into advance.’ 

YOU can advance immediately by realizing there are things within your control which you can act upon today rather than stress about the things outside our direct control . . . it goes back to the Serenity Prayer….start by taking stock of your situation….if you are watching this from a device, pad or screen you’ve got internet, a modern ‘basic’ need, right? . . . some of you have your 6 month supply of TP, Wipes and Sanitizer too. I am being facetious but the point is recognizing our basic needs are covered is the FIRST step. We are so distracted by fear we forget just how good we have it. 

Step 2: Putting the ‘Spin’ on COVID-19. This is a HUGE  ‘Call to action’ for people to not just get healthy and fit but be the healthiest and fittest they can be. We have COVID-19 to thank for this. Truly healthy people are NOT dying of COVID-19. In fact, the estimations are showing that 20-30% of people who get COVID-19 are asymptomatic!. . . that’s right, 20-30% don’t even know they have it! . . . 56% of people infected get symptoms ranging from a mild cold to a nasty flu but don’t end up in the hospital. It’s 14% of the infected population who wind up being hospitalized. Now I am not trivializing the 14% the news is hyper-focused upon but if 20-30% of the population who get the disease are asymptomatic shouldn’t we also examine why the 20-30% who are asymptomatic so we can take preventative steps!

Step 3: Moving forward. Leadership is about empowering others rather than controlling them with fear. It is about balancing what is known to move forward into the unknown. What do we know: 

  1. This virus does not kill truly healthy people. 

  2. Densely populated places like airplanes, city sidewalks during rush hour, and large dense gatherings are much higher risk.

  3. Cold overcast climates are conducive to the virus while warm sunny environments make the risk of transmission virtually impossible.

  4. Corona viruses don’t tolerate heat. 

  5. People who succumb to COVID-19 have multiple co-morbidities.

  6.  Impaired cardiovascular function is extremely high risk due to COVID-19 being particularly virulent on Hemoglobin.

The ‘Take Home’: COVID-19 is here to stay. What’s more is there will be other viruses in the future. YOU can’t wait for a Politician or a vaccine. Nor do you need to because YOU are the solution. This goes back to my 3 guiding principles

  1. YOU are an individual

  2. You are meant to metabolize fat aerobically

  3. You are meant to move….a LOT!

The best defense is a strong offense. It’s no longer sheltering in place. Nor social distancing. While initially necessary these strategies are not sustainable. Now that we have enough information and understanding about COVID-19 it’s time to convert retreat to advance. Your advance is predicated on you and your situation. 

Be the best version of YOU you can possibly be. If you are currently an OFM athlete you know what we are talking about because you are living it. If you are new have a peak about our sites here and here