In this podcast clip with Pharmacist & IronMan Triathlete, James Hughes, we discuss both conventional perspectives on medical / pharmaceutical interventions as well as OFM alternatives. This podcast came about because last year James had to navigate having a heart attack and, subsequently, making a complete recovery. Through the miracle of acute interventions using conventional procedures and treatment combined with the preventative / metabolic benefits of OFM James was able to make a full and complete recovery. 

[This is something that we stress: Modern medicine is literally a lifesaver for acute care, especially life-saving interventions, however, it does not tend to look at root cause metabolic issues which set the stage for an acute event.]

Several years ago James shifted from traditional medical treatments to OFM to eliminate Metabolic Syndrome in just 18 months and even credits this switch for saving his life and making a full recovery at the age of 71. 

Here is a summary of the discussion points:

  • Evolution in Pharmaceutical Industry Focus: James shares his views as a pharmacist on how the pharmaceutical industry has changed from an industry searching for cures for diseases to creating lifelong ‘customers’ using prescription medications to manage their ‘health’

  • Personal Journey with Metabolic Syndrome: Sharing of a successful experience in eliminating metabolic syndrome using the OFM approach, contrasting with typical pharmaceutical methods.

  • Concerns Over Drug Usage and Side Effects: Emphasis on the importance of using drugs appropriately due to potential unintended side effects and not being on medications in the long term

  • Experience with Heart Attack and Immediate Treatment: James discusses his personal heart attack experience, underscoring the crucial role of quick medical response and recognition of symptoms. To learn more on Jame’s belief on what actually triggered the heart attack, watch the full podcast (spoiler alert: it was not training nor racing a Half IronMan).

  • The Debate Over Statins and Cholesterol Management: An indepth and balanced discussion about statins. During Jame’s cardiac event and immediately post trauma statins were used appropriately in this acute situation, however, James goes on to discuss the very real concerns with long-term use, how they are over-prescribed, and their effects on cholesterol particle sizes. 

  • Introduction and Benefits of Nattokinase: Exploration of the use of nattokinase, a natural blood viscosity regulator, post-heart attack, as a preventative therapy and its beneficial effects on cholesterol levels.

  • Cardiologist’s Reaction to Alternative Treatments:  A cardiologist's positive response and consideration of nattokinase for other patients based on observed results.

  • James’ Amazing Recovery: James shares his amazing recovery from heart attack and attributes this to the OFM protocol for surviving the event and making a full recovery.

This discussion highlights the importance of taking control of your metabolic health and how OFM can help you reverse chronic conditions and reduce the reliance on pharmaceuticals.

Remember the slogan, “SAFE & EFFECTIVE”? . . . there is nothing completely “safe & effective”, and virtually all pharmaceutical interventions have unintended side effects. As James attests,  being metabolically fit and robust by building your metabolic capacity via OFM could save your Life!

If you want personalized assistance with your metabolic health, contact us.

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