John Olsen is an accomplished athlete and a dedicated family man with a deep passion for running and teaching. He has an impressive track record, being the 2014, 24-hour world champion and holding several records in other races. Beyond his athletic prowess, John is also a devoted teacher and coach, particularly in guiding his son, Nate, in soccer and running. Despite Nate's occasional hesitance, as seen in the interview, John maintains a strong family focus, even while training in challenging environments like Sequoia National Park.

His current goal is the 24-hour race at the "6 Days of the Dome" event in Milwaukee, where he aims to break records and potentially join the national team. Vespa and OFM (Optimized Fat Metabolism) have been integral to his journey, helping him overcome previous gastrointestinal issues that plagued his early racing days. Since adopting Vespa and OFM, John has achieved significant milestones, including setting an American record for a hundred miles and overcoming his issues with sickness during races.

John's commitment extends beyond his personal achievements. He contributes significantly to his community, including his church and the Shadow Chase running group in Modesto (affectionately called "Motown"). His approach to racing is intense and focused, always striving to give his best. The interview concludes with Peter, the interviewer, acknowledging John's contributions and discussing their current training session on the High Sierra Trail, which includes altitude training and form running to prepare John for his upcoming race.

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