In this blog post, we delve into the journey of Dr. Linda Frazier from chronic disease to adopting Mark Sisson’s Primal Diet and finally using the OFM protocol.  She is a marathoner, a Pediatrician, mother of five and grandmother to 11, who transformed her family's health and well-being through the adoption of a primal diet prior to OFM. Discover how Dr. Frazier combated her own health issues and even set new personal records in her athletic pursuits, all while embracing a dietary change that significantly impacted her life.

From Vegetarian to Gluten-Free

Dr. Frazier's family was predominantly vegetarian until 2005, when she was diagnosed with celiac disease and her son with Crohn's disease. The family quickly reintroduced meat into their diet to address her son's anemia. However, they continued to consume gluten-free versions of their usual high-carb diet, including pasta, bread, and brownies.

Turning Point: The South Beach Diet and Primal Blueprint

In the early 2010s, Dr. Frazier began experiencing fatigue, weight gain, and other health issues. Her sister introduced her to the South Beach Diet, which questioned the logic of the food pyramid. Later, Dr. Frazier read the Primal Blueprint, which reinforced the impact of excessive carbohydrates on inflammation and insulin release. In 2013, she decided to adopt a primal diet for lent, and her health drastically improved.

The Benefits of a Primal Diet

The low-carb primal diet brought numerous benefits to Dr. Frazier's life. Her weight normalized, and she saw a decrease in inflammation. She also experienced personal records in her 5K, 10K, and half-marathon races, which was unexpected in her late 50s and 60s. Additionally, her seasonal allergies improved significantly, reducing her reliance on medications.

The Role of Inflammation

Dr. Frazier's experience demonstrates the impact of inflammation on overall health. By reducing inflammation caused by excessive carbohydrate intake and other dietary factors, the body can better cope with environmental stressors, such as seasonal allergies. Removing layers of inflammation allows the immune system to function more effectively and promotes overall well-being.

The Final Destination

Dr. Linda Frazier's finally filled the gaps in the primal and low carb diet protocols with the Optimized Fat Metabolism (OFM) protocol.  By addressing her dietary needs, she not only improved her health but also achieved new personal records in her athletic pursuits all in her 50’s & 60’s proving it is NEVER too late to get started at Life!

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