Many of the “paradigm shifts” you are seeing today are mostly incremental shifts not true paradigm shifts.

Throughout history true paradigm shifts were ridiculed, opposed, and thought of as heresy - until the facts and data caught up and then they were accepted by the masses.

Here are 5 paradigm shifts have been proven by our athletes in the real lab; the field of competition. If adopted these paradigm shifts will completely transform your health and athletic performance.

1. Fat as Your Fuel versus Carbohydrates

Humans are meant to metabolize fat for their aerobic energy. It is why we have virtually unlimited supplies of fat and why we have been advocating “Fat as Your Fuel” for over 20 years!

Research from the FASTER Study proved it was possible to metabolize fats at much higher rates & intensities than previously thought possible (incidentally, virtually everyone in the LCD Cohort of the FASTER Study actually follow OFM & use VESPA in the real world of training and racing!).

2. Vespa is a Catalyst instead of Calories

Vespa is a catalyst, not an energy source, not calories, but helps your body access the huge energy source within, which is more powerful than a truck load of carbs and fat bombs! We’ve been ‘sold & told’ on the need for exogenous calories when the Truth is we need to tap into our own limitless aerobic energy source; fat!

3. Damage Prevention is actually why you ‘recover’ faster with VESPA

Many Vespa athletes find their recovery is faster.  But the truth is, when Fat is your Fuel you are minimizing the damage that requires to recover from!

Find out more about Recovery and Damage Control here

4. The science of nature versus man-made science

VESPA relies on millions of years of evolution for the development of it’s ingredients versus made in the lab supplements based upon low cost ingredients.

5.  Vespa is classified as a FOOD and NOT a dietary supplement

VESPA is so natural the FDA actually re-classified VESPA as an “Acidified Food” and NOT as a “Dietary Supplement”! You don’t need a PhD in Organic Chemistry and Food Science to understand what is in VESPA . . . just natural, minimally processed ingredients that work!

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