Earlier this week California Governor Gavin Newsam held a press conference about the CoVid-19 situation in the state.  What struck me was that he made this defining statement: “Until there is a vaccine or treatment,” he was going to impose these draconian measures of closing businesses like restaurants, restricting movement, imposing fines for not wearing masks, etc.  He was going to do this if the numbers spiked.

This is neither a political nor philosophical post to generate more debate. What  I want to talk about is something that is not being discussed at a national level nor in the media.

All this talk of effective treatments, vaccines, mask wearing and social distancing is part of the equation for getting through this situation- HOWEVER- we are not having the same messaging and discussion about another strategy just as if not more important . . . and one you can take control of; your health and how it develops and strengthens your own immune system.

You can start today

This is something you can start today without much extra cost:

  1. Supplementation and better food choices. Things like Vitamin C & D and zinc in conjunction with a whole foods diet low in sugar and concentrated forms of carbohydrates.  The cost and effort is relatively small.

  2. Start or up your physical activity. Most of you reading this are already onboard, if you are new take a look at my 3 guiding principles. With the ‘Limbo’ CoVid has us in with cancelled events many of us have fallen off in our training volume….up your game. Make training a priority and put some goals like an epic run or ride on YOUR calendar.

  3. Step back from the fear and debate. If anything we need to isolate from all the noise to relieve the stress.   

These relatively small steps which cost little to nothing and  have a huge impact on YOUR well-being because they will shift your physiology toward optimizing fat metabolism and away from ‘fight or flight’ modality.

Taking your Control back will improve your immune system

With all of this talk of vaccines and draconian style limitation of movement, this is giving control to someone else, which can disempower us and cause additional stress and fear.

However, when we can take control of our health and build our immune system, even if we get CoVid we can reduce the effect on us.  Part of this taking control adds to our mental and emotional well-being, which, in turn, bolsters our immune system.

Think about this: . . . don’t you feel better when you can take direct control of something and make improvements to a successful outcome? Don’t you feel frustration and doubt when you can’t do a thing and don’t have control over the things that are most important to you? 

Being Metabolically Fit will help

The numbers are showing that 15% are seriously affected by Covid. This includes death.  However there is another 15-20% who are totally asymptomatic.   Those asymptomatic people obviously are metabolically fit, because the numbers show people with comorbidities are the most susceptible to the impacts of this virus.

So if we focus on what WE can DO, that is, getting metabolically fit, we don’t have to be locked into this fear and uncertainty cycle that is devastating not only the economy but both the individual and national psyche. 

The message for today

You have something within your control, and it within your responsibility to be the best version of you.  We are going to feel better physically but also emotionally and psychologically when we are empowered to take control of our lives. Your metabolic health needs to be  #1 on the list of priorities. 

Finally, by doing so, we not only benefit ourselves but benefiting the greater good.

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