There is no doubt you have heard of the Ketogenic Diet, however, there remains a lot of misconceptions about it. So this article is going to discuss the information surrounding the Ketogenic Diet to help orient you on your health and performance journey.

First of all a lot of the misconceptions and disappointments surrounding the Ketogenic Diet are self-inflicted by the Keto Community itself. Well intended but drunk with a ketone induced euphoria, the keto fanatics have made these ‘one-size-fits-all’ proclamations all over the internet that the ketogenic diet will solve every ailment known to man, make you a super-performing athlete and have the ‘science’ to back it up.

Limitations of the Keto Diet

The truth is though that getting your carb macro under 50 grams per day and your fat macro north of 70% only goes so far. Yes, it should rein in your insulin and force your body into a modality of burning fat but diet alone will only take you so far when it comes to optimal fat metabolism. So let’s myth bust, shall we? 

3 Myths of the Keto Diet You Need to Know

Myth #1: Ketones are the primary energy source of a ketogenic diet. 

Unfortunately, this is largely a myth but not entirely a myth. You see ketones are a by-product of beta oxidation which is the primary modality of fat metabolism. Ketones while an energy source are not the primary energy source, beta oxidation is. Because we can measure ketones they are used as a proxy.

Myth #2: Elevated Blood Ketones are a sign of a superior level of ketosis.

Ketones are meant to be metabolized for energy and your body’s ability, to do this is largely dependent upon your level of fat adaptation. Athletes who are fat adapted tend to run trace levels of blood ketones because the ketones being produced are being consumed compared to relatively sedentary individuals whose' fat burning capacity is less

Myth #3: Optimal physical performance is achieved using Keto.

While there are many benefits to a ketogenic diet, there are also limitations. Athletic performance is one of them.

A ketogenic diet limits your ability to metabolize carbohydrates for upper end performance.

Your Next Steps

These are just 3 key myths about Keto. If you want to take a deeper dive read the Beyond Keto e-book I wrote. In it you will learn both the benefits and limitations of Keto but most of all you will learn how your body is meant to perform for optimal health and performance by optimizing fat metabolism, an integrated program that literally takes you ‘Beyond Keto’ to a new realm of higher  health and peak performance. 

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