In this interview with Mike Mutzel, I discuss real world fat-adaptation and how everything changes with performance fat adaptation.

Some key points:   

  • I stress individuality and how one size does not  fit all when it comes to sports nutrition.

  • The best level of Ketones probably are sub-clinical for athletes  

  • Beta-oxidation is actually the principle energy pathway for fat burning

  • How fasting glucose can increase and post exercise glucose

  • Aerobic fitness increases metabolic flexibility  

  • How important developing cardiovascular fitness is for fat adapted performance

  • How hard core ‘keto’ can create adrenal stress and limit performance

  • Stress, EMF & Circadian Rhythm are as big of a factor as carbohydrates

If you are an athlete that has a hard time regulating energy levels, bonks during races and training, has GI issues or maintaining the reins on your diet ……..then understanding how YOU can tap into your onboard energy stores the way Nature intended is crucial to getting you to the next level.

In my 15+ years of coaching athletes in fat adaptation, I realized the huge metabolic differences between athletes, especially between men and women.

If you would like a Holistic program individualized for you, one taylored for your physiology, feel free to book a free consultation with one of our coaches.

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