Bob Halpenny's journey is a remarkable story of perseverance in the realm of health and athletics. At the age of seventy-two, he reflects on how his life and athletic performance have been profoundly impacted by OFM (Optimized Fat Metabolism) and Vespa.

Bob's initial passion for health led him to a 20-year career as a PGA Golf Pro. Around 2000, he ventured into ultramarathon running, a discipline he pursued for a decade. Despite his commitment, Bob struggled with stomach issues during races, which hindered his performance and affected his reputation among fellow runners.

The turning point came in 2011 when he started working with Peter Defty, who coached him on dietary changes. This shift in diet, centered around OFM principles, significantly improved Bob's health and running performance. His first 100-mile race was at the age of 62 in 2012, a milestone that marked a new chapter in his athletic journey. The dietary changes not only resolved his stomach issues but also enabled him to complete more 100-mile races, the last of which was at 66 years old, without any health problems.

Parallel to his running, Bob has always been enthusiastic about strength training and movement techniques. His journey includes learning from Bruce Oliver in the Alexander Technique since 1996, which initially disrupted his golf game but eventually enriched his overall athletic abilities. This technique helped him overcome knee issues and reignited his passion for running, leading him to ultramarathons.

Bob is also a two-time certified RKC Kettlebell instructor. His love for movement and fitness extends to his coaching business, where he guides both runners and non-runners alike. OFM has been a critical part of his coaching philosophy and personal success.

In addition to OFM, Bob started using Vespa in 2011. He credits Vespa for enhancing his mental clarity during races, helping him manage fatigue and pain more effectively, and improving his recovery and sleep quality. Bob attributes much of his athletic success and well-being in his later years to the combined effects of OFM and Vespa, which have been instrumental in his journey as an athlete, coach, and health enthusiast.

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