The Catalyst for Optimal Health & Performance

So what is this?

A catalytic converter.

The reason I am starting out with this is to help YOU wrap your head around how Vespa is a natural catalyst to drive performance level fat metabolism.

What is a Catalytic Converter

Almost every gasoline powered car built since 1977 comes with a catalytic converter, so, unless you own an Electric Vehicle, a catalytic converter is part of your everyday life. This device converts gases which cause smog, acid rain and hydrocarbon emissions into relatively inert and non-toxic elements like N2, O2, CO2 & Water. 

The catalysts; rare precious metals platinum, palladium and rhodium are found in trace amounts; 300-1000 micrograms of Platinum (Pt), 200-800 micrograms of Palladium (Pd) and 50-120 micrograms of rhodium (Rh) . . . we are talking trace amounts that catalyze a huge change in the composition of the exhaust gases.

Vespa is a metabolic catalyst

Point is, this is how a catalyst works to make your vehicle ‘burn’ cleaner using a tiny amount of precious metal catalysts. Likewise, Vespa works as a catalyst to enhance and optimize your metabolism using a synergistic blend of rare, costly to extract, natural ingredients derived from bees and wasps.

It is based upon the ‘Science of Nature’ NOT the man-made lab through an accidental discovery by Japanese entomologists studying the Asian Giant Wasp (V. mandarinia), otherwise known as ‘The Murder Hornets’, the apex predator of the insect world.

Known for its strength and viciousness this wasp is unrivaled in stamina and endurance, flying 50-70 kilometers, hunting, killing and processing prey then flying back to the colony with a food ball weighing up to a third of its body weight. It does this everyday as an adult. How does this happen? . . . . FAT! Look at the image below….this hornet has a large thorax stored with fat.

A Catalyst to Access Fat Stores

To access its fat stores to yield its incredible performance and stamina this wasp feeds the food ball to the larvae in exchange for a peptide containing liquid secreted by the larvae in a symbiotic relationship called Trophallaxis. This peptide is literally ‘Nature’s Catalyst’ for performance level fat metabolism.  (more details in this article on Murder Hornets)

What’s more, by tapping into that sustainable energy source you are meant to use for aerobic exercise you dramatically reduce the dependence on glucose, glycogen and carbs making you bonk-proof. This results in:

1)  Sustainable performance across the spectrum in stamina , strength, focus, coordination
2)  Less GI issues because you don’t need a ton of external fuel
3)  A recovery you have to experience to believe because you have prevented the damage due to the oxidative stress and lactate load of burning a lot of glucose.

The beauty of evolution is its perfection. Each species ‘fits’ into its unique niche to complete the cycle of life and the Asian Giant Wasp is no exception. Its not a ‘murder’. It’s a badass at the top of the food chain.

Likewise, each individual has a unique genetic code to unlock to become the best version of themself.  So, if you want to perfect your physiology to get stronger, fitter, faster and avoid bonking, puking and being destroyed with soreness after, you can start a cleaner burn using VESPA . . .

Make that mental paradigm shift in thinking ‘catalyst instead of calories’ to understand how Vespa works and the priceless VALUE of Vespa for your Health and Performance. . . .Fat really is YOUR fuel!

So start today by grabbing some VESPA and start reaching your health and performance potential without making a single change in your diet or lifestyle . . . not yet anyways...