Today’s Healthcare…is this how YOU guide yourself to higher health & peak performance?

Recently I posted a vlog about how competition has been our real world lab to find the keys to higher health and performance. While competition is deeply rooted in evolutionary biology, we have largely failed at making our health better. 

The Current State of Health Care

And it is no wonder. Humans have harnessed competition as a tool to make our lives more convenient. While our vehicles continue to make these amazing advancements, driven through competition, we continue to slide down a slippery slope when it comes to our health.  The “competition” in healthcare is for new interventions to treat disease, and the savage competition for billions in research and development funding to study and develop these interventions.  

At the clinical level the situation has degraded to the point where honestly caring healthcare professionals do nothing but treat disease at the reactive and acute level, with procedures and pharmaceutical tools developed out of the urgency to keep people alive, however,  is this how we are going to get healthy?

Why The Current System Is Not Advancing

As the past two years demonstrate,  it is almost impossible for us to divorce ourselves from the ‘Expert’ advice, and standard of care even when it has become outdated and needs a shaking up.   This includes nutritional, exercise and lifestyle advice generated from a system treating acute disease.   As much as we would like to believe the current system is focused on preventing disease, especially the biggies like diabetes, heart disease, cancer - the past two years the results show precisely the opposite.

Focus and think about the end results rather than get distracted by all the peer-reviewed saber rattling of “The Science” on the “disease du' jour”, to advance an agenda or point of view or, sadly, build a following.

Ask yourself this;  Do YOU really think you are going to be optimally healthy by getting the bulk of the guidance from a system treating sickness?


Would it make more sense to look at what supremely healthy individuals are doing, those who are competing at the highest levels of sports, and especially those who continue to compete as they advance in age, all while living robust and engaging lives on all levels? 

It’s obvious when you look around at the supermarket or work. And the vast majority of athletic competition has not yielded better health…..until now. This is why you are here. This is one reason our athletes, my team of coaches, and I compete, develop and learn; to improve human health as an integral part of human performance.

The Keys To Higher Health Found At The Extremes

We work with our athletes to develop our results driven, evolutionary biology based approach which has led to the ground breaking science of the FASTER Study.  But, more importantly, we translate what we learn from our innovation and pioneering work at the outer edges of competition, to guide people on their journey to higher health and peak performance. 

Whether your goal is to run a marathon, hike up a mountain, complete an IronMan or simply be able to play with your grandchildren. . . all while avoiding medications,  a restrictive diet or an exhausting (instead of exhilarating) exercise program, you have arrived at the right place to start your journey to Metabolic Freedom.