In this segment, we continue our discussion with Diane, an experienced athlete with a deep understanding of the impacts of diet on performance and overall health. From the joys of smelling the flowers and post-race shopping to the intricacies of achieving metabolic health, this episode has it all.

Our Guest:

  • Diane Credenda, a triathlete specializing in the 70.3 distance.
  • Has been active in the sport since 1985.
  • Diane is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture.
  • She has worked in Reproductive Endocrinology alongside her husband, Paul Magirelli MD/PhD.
  • Her expertise includes blending conventional approaches with acupuncture, eastern medicine and OFM concepts to achieve hormonal balance for successful conception for women wanting to start a family.

Episode Highlights:

Diane's Recent Achievement:

  • Participated in the 70.3 World Championships in Finland.
  • Finished 10th overall.
  • Surprised many with her performance despite suffering a knee injury and losing 8 weeks of training.
  • Detailed her training regimen, including the use of acupuncture and dietary changes to manage her injury.

Transition to Oriental Medicine:

  • After facing health challenges, Diane turned to acupuncture.
  • This led to a complete career change, from being an X-ray tech to pursuing a degree in Oriental Medicine and studying in China.
  • Settled in Colorado Springs, near the Olympic training center, initially aiming to specialize in sports medicine.
  • Evolved into reproductive endocrinology after collaborating with an acupuncturist in Denver.

Nutrition and Training:

Diane’s experience with the challenges of the traditional high-carb approach.
Being open to other ways to discover alternatives through podcasts and other alternative avenues.

Post-Race Experiences: 

  • Diane's amusing recount of the sensory delight of the desert bloom at her first race using OFM & VESPA, the 2014 IronMan 70.3, St. George, Utah.
  • Her recounting how she wanted to shop immediately post-race for a specific sweater she saw during her race at IM 70.3 Mount Tremblant Worlds dragging her sherpa husband, Paul, who was exhausted.

Racing and Health Evolution: 

The transformative impact of OFM & VESPA on Diane's performance and well-being. Her husband, Dr. Paul Magarelli, immediately noted the significant change in her condition and demeanor.

Race Destinations: 

  • Since making the switch in 2013/2014 Diane has qualified for the IronMan 70.3 World Championships every year, often by winning her Age Group
  • This includes places like Mount TremBlant, Canada, New Zealand, Finland, and South Africa in 2018 where she was 3rd in her Age Group.

The Multidimensional Approach to Health: 

Diane's unique perspective, combines her experience as a professional in both Western and Eastern medicine, to understand the human body and the impacts of diet, exercise and the modern world have on our metabolic health and well being.

Carbohydrates and Health: 

  • The inflammatory effects of overconsumption of carbohydrates
    OFM’s Strategic carb approach and how she employs it
  • The relationship between the gut and other body systems from the perspective of Chinese medicine.

Diane's Career and Insights: 

Diane's retirement, her time in the clinic, and her advice to people on understanding carbs, inflammation, and their impact on metabolic health.

Dietary Guidelines and Societal Impacts: 

  • A reflection on the changes in societal health and the potential influences of dietary guidelines.
  • Women's Health: A look into the unique challenges faced by women in terms of hormonal balance, dietary needs, and societal pressures.

Insulin Sensitivity and Health:

  • How maintaining insulin sensitivity through Strategic Carbohydrate intake over chronic carbohydrate intake are key to balancing optimal health and athletic performance.
  • Ideal insulin levels should be below 8 for optimal sensitivity and ideally below 6.
    Understanding PCOS:
  • PCOS, prevalent among many women, impairs fertility.
  • PCOS is a manifestation of insulin resistance.
  • High sugar levels in the body can disrupt hormonal balance precisely because this elicits an insulin response (Insulin is a hormone).
  • A potential remedy: initially sharply limiting carb intake to around 50 grams per day or less to help in managing PCOS symptoms then building metabolic capacity via OFM for carbohydrate tolerance.

Medical Interventions and Alternatives:

There's a concerning trend in prescribing drugs and procedures for weight loss.
Natural remedies, dietary shifts and physical activity can offer safer, more effective solutions.

Cholelithiasis (Gallstones) and Cholecystectomy (Gallbladder Removal):

  • One of the most common ailments for women in their late thirties to early fifties.
  • The root cause is most the combination of a high carb, low fat diet and too many calories to be in energy balance. This leads to the liver converting the excess carb/energy into cholesterol which is then converted into bile. The bile is then stored in the gallbladder as part of the digestion process of fat & protein rich foods. Without the signal of fat to cause timely clearing of the gallbladder, the bile ducts start to clog.
  • Regular intake of high-carb, low-fat meals can lead to gallbladder complications and clogged bile ducts, leading to gallbladder removal.

Long-Term Impacts of Dietary Choices:

  • The consumption of excess sugars can have generational impacts due to epigenetics.
  • Elevated sugar levels in expecting mothers can have hormonal implications for their babies.
  • There's growing evidence of declining testosterone levels in men and possible connections to dietary habits.

OFM (Optimized Fat Metabolism) vs. Keto:

Emphasis on prioritizing fat metabolism over carbohydrate dependency.
Unlike Keto, OFM doesn't eliminate carbs. This ensures athletes get the adaptive stress signaling and performance needed for training and competition.

Role of Individual Responsibility:

  • Individuals must recognize their unique needs and take control of their health.
  • Importance of personal experimentation to determine what dietary and lifestyle choices work best.

Carb Intake in Endurance Sports: 

  • Many Professionals and Experts are currently recommending 80 to 120 grams of carbs per hour for ultra-races and triathlons.
  • The dangers of high carb consumption in the long run and the significance of optimizing fat metabolism for both pros, age-groupers and casual athletes.

The Balance of Science and Nature: 

Diane's experiences working with IVF patients, the success stories, and the philosophy that sometimes nature's approach trumps pure science.

Anecdotes from Africa: 

Tales from Kilimanjaro, the Masai tribe, and Simon Mtuy's Masai grandfather who showed surprising vitality even in his 90s.

Three Core Principles:

  • Our muscle cells are meant to burn mostly fat.
  • We are designed to move a lot.
  • Ensuring fat metabolism is optimized and individualized to build metabolic capacity .

Holistic Approach vs. Pure Science:

  • The challenges of integrating Eastern and Western medicine and the idea that nothing exists in isolation in a biological system . . . which is how science is often done today in western medicine. 
  • The importance of having a practical, holistic approach to curing disease and optimizing health and performance.

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