Tapping into your limitless energy

This article is to help you understand the paradigm-shift of making the change to tapping into YOUR limitless energy and how Vespa can help you drive this change

Unfortunately, and with all the best intentions, we have been ‘Sold & Told’ into thinking and believing you need all these external calories; carb-loading, gels, shot blocks, liquid nutrition, etc. . . . this makes change hard, very hard, because the physiological addiction of carbs drives the psychological belief you need massive amounts of carbs to perform. You don’t plain & simple. Nature designed us to be robust and self-sufficient on fat. It is what we are made to metabolize for our aerobic energy.

But, we get it. Carbs and the resulting carb addiction are ‘ingrained’ in sports nutrition so overcoming the physiological and psychological hurdles of carbohydrate addiction to make a paradigm-shift such a massive struggle it’s simply more convenient for most to stay inside the box of the conventional paradigm. 

If you are reading this you realize the limitations and flaws of remaining in the self-perpetuating ‘group-think’ and realize with a true paradigm-shift, the bigger the change, the bigger the rewards.

Part of this shift is the Vespa product.  Vespa simplifies and facilitates how we fuel ourselves. Vespa helps ‘jump start’ your fat metabolism to help you meet the challenge of changing from a carbohydrate based energy source to a fat based one, the one you are meant to use for your aerobic energy. 

Optimized Fat Metabolism is not Keto

The current rise of Keto has led people to believe that OFM is Keto.  However, OFM is way more than Keto, OFM is about getting you to burn as much fat as possible at the highest intensity.   

As the Faster Study has shown, humans can burn much more fat at higher rates than the previous science has shown. In fact, virtually all of the Low Carb Diet Cohort in FASTER were actually following the OFM protocols and using Vespa in their real world training and racing.  But the REAL BENEFITS of OFM and Vespa go far beyond the podium:

  • No bonking

  • Stable energy

  • No GI issues

  • Mental focus & retention of fine motor skills

  • Prevention of cellular damage which is experienced as unmatched ‘recovery’

  • Unmatchable health

Think about it for a second. Bonking, energy issues, GI distress, mental fog and muscle soreness are all considered normal challenges in endurance sports and this is why making the transition to ‘fat as fuel’  is the Paradigm-Shift!

Vespa is about YOU!

Vespa is not about paleo or keto or any other label or “method” out there.  Vespa and OFM are about you, the individual and your overall performance & health.  

When you understand this you realize don’t have to BUY your calories with all types of gels, nut butters, fat bombs, or NCT oil - you already have them in that remarkable body or yours!  All you have to do is learn how to tap into your limitless energy to perform to your potential. 

What you can expect by using Vespa

The beauty of using Vespa is you don’t have to do make radical changes in your diet, training or lifestyle to get a taste of tapping into your limitless energy. Vespa ‘jump starts’ your fat metabolism.

Taking Vespa 30mins before you exercise and  every 2 hours if sessions or competitions last more than 2 hours. What you are going to ‘notice’ is what you don’t notice:

  • Bonking

  • Constant need to feed yourself calories, 

  • Ups & Downs in energy

  • GI issues; bloating, gas, nausea, etc. 

  • Mental Fog

  • Post exercise muscle soreness

Taking Vespa to the next level

You can leverage Vespa through other strategies to optimize your fat metabolism (OFM). 

With OFM you will start to understand that your normal diet can provide you with the energy you need.  Depending on your type of training and type of athletics, you will find the exact strategic carbs to use to give you the quick access energy you need for threshold and anaerobic pushes necessary to improve as an athlete.   You will find by being fat adapted you can build up a tolerance whereby carbs aren’t the enemy but part of your sports nutrition!

OFM greatly simplifies the execution of your training and racing. You will find by popping a pre-race Vespa and one every 2 hours along with some strategic carbs you’ll be able to race with no gut issues, steady energy, focus AND recover like you never thought possible.