One thing I have seen time and time aging from my 20 years of fat adaptation is that YOU are an individual with specific needs, especially in relation to your sports nutrition.

That means that you can’t get the most out of a “cookie cutter” programme. Sure it will work but don’t you want the best for you? Don’t you deserve the best? 

It is natural to want the quick fix - “just tell me what to do” type solution.  But a cookie cutter programme is only a 1 dimensional solution and there are thousands of them out there.

Another Major Factor

Not only are you an individual with very specific needs but your environment is dynamic, 

  • your body is dynamic

  • the physiology for fat adaptation is dynamic

  • the physiology for carbohydrate metabolism is dynamic

  • the sport you participate in is dynamic

There are many “moving parts” and so this is not as simple as keto or high carb camp would have you believe.  The cookie-cutter, convenient approach is static and one dimensional. 

Helping You to Help Yourself

At OFM, we teach you and coach you conceptually so that you can learn the process and get to know YOUR OWN physiology and understand the process rather than a highly structured, engineered approach which tells you what to do. 

Our coaching process has the philosophy of “one coach all coaches”, and this makes for a very collaborative environment.  Your coach will not only be an OFM athlete but will have the depth of resources to dip into like Dr Kaayla Daniel - The Naughty Nutritionist or Dr Edwards helping with medical issues.

We try to build the resources and the environment to help you, the Individual.

So, to understand more about how our coaching programmes work click here to find out more.

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