If this current situation has not already convinced you that you need to assume a role in your health journey rather than cede it to the healthcare system, online Gurus or other alternative health care providers then I hope this vlog will make you aware of the simple fact nobody can look out for you better than you can. 

This entire COVID-19 debacle should be a HUGE wake up call instead of a panic call….what makes this strain so nasty is the rate of transmissibility not that it is particularly deadly to a healthy individual. It’s really a numbers game rather than it’s relative virulence. So unchecked your risk of exposure and infection are multiple rates higher. 

While the transmission has thankfully not played out to be as big as projected the potential makes it  imperative you are the healthiest you can be. Do you think this is the last time this will happen? 

A big positive can come out of COVID-19.

This can be your call to action to take control and work toward being an optimal version of yourself!  If you are reasonably fit this is a reason to become fitter. Rather than ride this out, right NOW is the moment to invest in yourself for the long haul. 

Human behavior is a funny thing. People’s reaction to COVID-19 seriously illustrates this. Fear results in uncertainty which makes us risk averse. Let me share a secret strategy companies and individuals use when times are tough to come out on top. . . . these people double down.

A perfect example is my friend and running buddy, Randy. Randy is a dairyman with a dairy milking about 2000 cows. Randy is very conservative in his decision-making but he has doubled down during a tough period by completing the purchase of another dairy of about the same size. He saw an opportunity to make a long-term investment when prices were down and other dairymen were following the frenzy to get into nut crops. 

Milk prices were down. Running a dairy is daily dedication to the work, just like your training. There is a LOT of economic uncertainty. .  . sound familiar? 

Companies which have continually succeeded in the long term ALWAYS see a downturn as an opportunity to get stronger and take strategic actions which will position them to not only get through an economic downturn but be ready to take full advantage of their capabilities when things change for the better. 

  • They focus on their core competencies and streamlining of internal operations to become efficient rather than on short term slashing of costs and predatory practices.

  • They stay the course. Of course, they have to modify and adapt to the situation but this does not mean they alter their vision and long term direction. 

  • They innovate. Difficult times force us to be resourceful and consider ideas and methods initially foreign to us.

  • They bring their people together as a team to leverage each employees’ role and skill set.

  • They invest in the future because they know the present will pass. Today is not Tomorrow. 

  • They position themselves to take full advantage of the upturn  while retaining flexibility to scale up or down to meet demand.

Uncertainty will always be there and once you recognize this you realize part of being prepared for the next thing to hit you means being in the finest state of health so you can perform in every way, physical, mental and emotional. You can adopt the same mindset and act on it by doubling down today  to overcome the current environment of fear and uncertainty to reach your potential.

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