Karin Carestia joins OFM Host Peter Defty for a VERY insightful look into compound pharmacy as well as the OFM perspective from that of a compound pharmacist and athlete. 

What makes Karin unique is she is a high level AG Cyclist, Skier and outdoor enthusiast so optimal health and performance are part of her being. Karin and OFM Podcast Host, Peter Defty, began conversations years ago first about VESPA which naturally led to OFM. Karin, a lifelong learner, quickly "got it" on how optimizing the body's physiology to metabolize fat had huge implications for health as well as performance. Her practice combines compound pharmacy with functional medicine, natural supplementation and diet/lifestyle coaching to offer clients a Holistic & Customized approach to their health and wellness. 

Karin offers fantastic insights and strategies a compound pharmacy offer that the generic pharma distribution model simply cannot deliver. Listen close and learn a lot of valuable information you can use!

Karin's Professional Profile

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