This study “Hitting the wall in the marathon: Phenomenological characteristics and associations with expectancy, gender and running history” suggests that ‘bonking’ or ‘hitting the wall’ is all too common. 

Their study results showed approximately 43% of marathon runners surveyed bonked to the point it significantly impacted their performance. This is published science, however, this should not surprise anyone who runs marathons. It is common knowledge and thought of as normal and even to be expected around mile 18-22. Doesn’t take a scientific publication, for most know this through experience. 

Traditional Approach To Bonking Doesn’t Work

What all this suggests is that the Traditional Approach Does Not Work yet Coaches, Gurus, Running Stores, marathon expo seminars and so-called ‘nutrition’ companies devote huge amounts of time and resources talking about ‘hitting the wall’ and ‘bonking’ and their solutions on how to manage and/or avoid it is  to consume more calories during or ‘carb-loading' the night before. ....

Remember the definition of insanity: " The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results." ...

Yet with all this messaging it is impossible to escape the fear of the dreaded bonk and do exactly what is recommended, carb load before and fuel with carbs during. Right?

It’s Not Normal

Well, I am here to tell you this is NOT normal as far as your native physiology is concerned. Modern Science has hijacked your physiology and metabolic pathways.

Bonking is caused by your body being forced to use its ‘fight or flight’ energy reserves rather than the limitless energy you are meant to harness for aerobic physical activities.

Why Chronic High Carb Intake Doesn’t Work

Modern ‘science’ focuses on a single dimension of your energy pathways, glucose metabolism. Evolutionary biology on the other hand, shaped us to use a multidimensional approach over millions of years.  The one that burns fat as the aerobic energy source and glucose as the ‘fight or flight’ one. 

This hijacking of your multi-dimensional metabolic pathways for a single unsustainable one is a self fulfilling prophecy dictating the need for lots of external carbohydrate calories which begets an ever greater dependency upon them. . . .yes, I am talking about developing a physiological addiction to them over time amongst a host of other ‘unintended consequences’. 

Let’s step back a bit to a frame of reference you already know. We all know too much sugar is ‘bad’ but most of us don’t fully make the connection that metabolically your body ‘sees’ concentrated forms of carbohydrates as sugar in the form of glucose. That’s right, whether it is table sugar, soda, a whole grain bagel or banana they are all metabolically the same, a LOT of sugar! 

So, what are the alternatives?

NOT a KETO Diet!

I know what you are thinking so don’t go there . . . With all the health hype about ketones and the ketogenic diet the word ‘KETO’ instantly comes to mind. Keto is as one-dimensional and a metabolic trap as High Carb.  

There is a better way. One that is multidimensional and individualized perfectly for you: OFM or Optimized Fat Metabolism. You see, by focusing on YOUR base physiology and metabolism instead of the external tools of diet, training, lifestyle, environment, etc. you will achieve “Higher Health & Peak Performance”.

Here’s the point: You are multidimensional instead of the one dimensional, so how is a one dimensional fueling program whether carbs or keto going to work for you? . . . it’s not.

Easy Way to Reduce Your Carb Intake and Start Using Your Onboard Energy

Think of your health and performance goals as one part of this grand journey called Life and, by arriving here, at OFM, you are at the start of your journey back to the native physiology Nature bestowed upon Humans. You are leaving behind the familiar world of processed and concentrated carbohydrate foods that have led to fear of the dreaded bonk and have you believing you cannot exist without your carbs. 

This is a formidable hurdle. So, where do you start?

Vespa. . . . a natural catalyst to ‘jump start’ your fat metabolism. You see, without making any changes in your diet and starting out by cutting your pre-run, run and post run fueling by half (in calories/grams) you can experience what tapping into your limitless energy is all about. Steady energy, elimination of GI issues and a recovery you have to experience to believe because you have prevented the damage you need to recover from!

So instead of fearing the dreaded ‘Bonk’ or ‘Hitting the Wall’ on your next marathon, avoid it altogether by getting started on your fat adapted journey using Vespa. Watch this video conversation with Dr. Linda Frazier, who, at the young age of 64 ran a lifetime PR in the marathon. Linda was a former high carb, low fat marathoner who depended upon her carbs to go the distance. . . and bonked her way through them. 

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