The very first thing to know is this: Supplements are not meant to replace food. Meal replacements and shakes are not meant to replace food. The dietary goal of OFM is to get as much of your nutrition as possible from the meals you consume.

Since most of you watching this are probably eating a whole / fresh foods diet, and doing some form of strategically managing your carbohydrate intake you are on the right track. However, with the reality of today’s fast-paced lifestyle, along with cultural shifts in our culinary tastes, it remains a big challenge to dial it in just through the diet. 

Now precisely because most people who are following the OFM protocols are largely eating whole/fresh foods nutritional density and bio-availability are not the issue. Nutritional Balance is where we place our focus simply because the reality of today has taken us away from that balance. So, while OFM strives to help you get ‘nutrition as nature intended’, we approach supplementation from a “Less is More” approach. 

Essential Elements of Nutritional Balance

When well fat adapted, most OFM athletes consume only 1 or 2 real meals per day achieving that nutritional balance becomes critical.

One of the best way to give your body what it needs is to adopt the concept of “Whole Animal Eating” otherwise known as “Nose to Tail”.  It is vitally important as a high-performance athlete, that you are getting the nutritional elements and co-factors that come from organ meat (mainly ruminant liver) and skin, and connective tissue (gelatin/collagen) to balance the nutritional elements found in muscle meat, eggs, fish and cultured dairy products (if tolerated). ‘Whole Animal Eating’ actually works to minimize the amount of animal products consumed because, by achieving Nutritional Balance the body is much more efficient thus needs a lot less animal protein. 

This forms the basis of OFM Whole Animal Eating. Round it out with non-starchy vegetables along with fruits you consume as vegetables like lettuce, other leafy greens, celery,  avocado, tomato, zucchini, yellow squash, broccoli, asparagus, eggplant etc. to provide minerals, phyto-nutirents, hydration and the appropriate volume of fiber.

It is a wonderful concept but how many people are ready to regularly consume tripe, feet, liver, and other ‘bits & pieces’ of animal viscera?  Yeah, I ‘get it’, most of you are not ready to ‘go there’.  Even if you are hard core about your nutrition and willing to ‘go there’ are you really going to enjoy it because enjoyment of food is a critical piece of OFM?  The physiological stress and its impact outweigh the benefits.

And finally, how many of us know how to prepare liver, tripe and heart let alone have the time and energy to source it? That is the reality for most of you out there.

Fortunately, we have developed solutions that make it ‘doable’ and sustainable for you in the context or your fast-paced world through simple supplement protocols using natural real food based supplements that get the job done to achieve Nutritional Balance.

Supplementing for Nutritional Balance

Here are the four principal supplements we recommend to effectively provide the nutritional balance you need to Optimize Fat Metabolism.

  • Gelatin and/or Type 2 Collagen - which comes from the skin and connective tissue. Gelatin/Collagen makes up roughly 33% of the protein in our body yet most people consume only a trace amount of gelatin/collagen in their diet.
  • Freeze dried liver capsules with dried Kelp - As advertised, Liver from grassfed beef cattle grown in the Australian Outback infused with pristine Tasman Sea kelp for bio-available iodine (a mineral critical to thyroid health) the Grassland Nutrition Freeze-dried Liver +Kelp is a great way to obtain all the benefits of Liver without having to consume it.
  • Magnesium Chloride - Not only is Magnesium Chloride well absorbed but this is the most natural and abundant form of Magnesium. Magnesium Chloride is actually more abundant than Sodium Chloride (salt/NaCl) but Magnesium is a mineral lacking in the modern diet. Yes, there are several other well-absorbed forms of Magnesium but I use Magnesium Chloride because it is not only one of the lowest in cost but, most likely, the form we co-evolved with.
  • Vitamin D - derived from Lanolin/Wool. While it is preferable to get your Vitamin D from sunlight exposure on our skin surface very few of us have the good fortune to be out in the sun all day with a modicum of clothing. The reality is most of us are fully clothed and under artificial lighting most of the time. This dictates supplementing with Vitamin D as the easiest and most doable way to maintain Vitamin D levels. OFM has developed a specific protocol for optimizing uptake and maintenance of Vitamin D supplementation combining high dose Vitamin D with Liver Capsules and Magnesium for optimal uptake and metabolism of Vitamin D.
  • Zinc + Copper. Unless you are consuming oysters once a week people who are pushing themselves can benefit from zinc supplementation. The trace Copper is key for zinc uptake and metabolism.
  • OFM does not promote using a lot of ‘Manufactured Nutrition’: Shakes, protein powders or meal replacements for athletes. These can have a place for severely time constrained athletes who have immense training loads but they are meant to augment a real food diet rather than supplant it.

These are the basics. At OFM we strive to make our protocols ‘doable’ in the context of your life.  The next step is to look at the individual as an Individual, to see what is appropriate and what is required.  At OFM we are constantly researching, innovating, experimenting and testing our supplement protocols to optimize health & performance. 

Think Pareto’s Rule or 80/20 to get 80% of your nutrition from your diet and 20% from supplements to achieve optimal nutritional balance so you can get a lot more from a lot less. It is actually surprising how little you need and how good you will feel. This leads me to one final detail. 

What about the calories? . . . what we find is when the athlete achieves nutritional balance the calories, for the most part, take care of themselves. 

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