If you are curious about ketones or considering using them as part of your fueling/supplementation strategy you won’t want to miss this episode of the OFM Podcast where Peter Defty hosts Frank Ilosa, the president of Ketone Aid, for a deep dive into the history of ketones, development of ketone esters, their application and boatloads of practical advice for improving your metabolic health. Listen closely as we cut through the hype on ketones because there is a ton of information you can use to leverage both your endogenous and exogenous use of ketones for that performance and health edge.

Key Topics Discussed:

1. Introduction to Ketones and Ketone Aid:

  • Frank Ilosa shares his background and how he got involved in the ketone industry.
  • The origin story of Ketone Aid and its connection to pioneering metabolic researcher, Dr. Richard Veech, and his body of work at the NIH.

2. Understanding Ketone Esters:

  • Explanation of what ketone esters are and how they differ from other products being marketed as ketones.
  • The importance of the ester bond in enhancing ketone uptake and utilization.

3. Applications and Benefits of Ketone Esters:

  • How ketone esters can be used to improve athletic performance and recovery.
  • The potential benefits for cognitive function and overall health.

4. Challenges and Misconceptions:

  • Addressing common misconceptions about ketones and ketosis.
  • The issue of "science hijacking" where companies misrepresent their products by citing research on ketone esters when their products are not the actual ketone ester..

5. Practical Advice for Athletes:

  • How athletes can integrate ketone esters into their training, competition and recovery protocols.
  • The concept of microdosing with ketones and its impact on performance and recovery.

6. Ketone Esters vs. Ketone Salts:

  • A detailed comparison between ketone esters and ketone salts.
  • The limitations and potential risks of ketone salts.

7. Future of Ketone Research:

  • Ongoing and upcoming research studies on the benefits of ketone esters.
  • The potential for ketone esters to help with various health conditions beyond athletic performance.


Peter and Frank conclude the podcast by emphasizing the importance of building metabolic capacity to yield the metabolic flexibility to harness the various energy substrates of fatty acids, ketones and glucose for both performance and health. They encourage listeners to educate themselves about ketones and consider integrating ketone esters into their health and fitness routines in a manner that produces results and enhance health..

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