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[CoVid Update] The Best Defense is a Strong Offense

I want to continue our conversation on how to ‘convert retreat into advance’ as echoed from Franklin Roosevelt’s inaugural address during the Great Depression. We are living in similar fearful times and have retreated in that fear. We have been told to ‘shelter in place’ and while isolation for the past month has been needed […]

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[Article] Now is the time to Invest in YOU

Now is the time to invest in YOU

If this current situation has not already convinced you that you need to assume a role in your health journey rather than cede it to the healthcare system, online Gurus or other alternative health care providers then I hope this vlog will make you aware of the simple fact nobody can look out for you […]

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Important CoVID-19 update for the next 2 weeks

I’d like to follow up with my vlog from a few weeks ago regarding COVID-19 because NOW is a seminal point. The overarching fear being injected into the news media, public policy, and social media concern me because they play into our fear of the unknown. This reminds me of the opening words of President […]

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