OFM Coach Mike McKovich brought up an interesting piece of data in our conversation the other day which got my attention.   

Now while I know full well that GI issues plague ultra-endurance athletes (OFM athletes excluded), it was both refreshing and eye-opening to see some hard data coming from Iron Man acknowledging the depth of the problem. And the 25% DNF rate does not include those who finished but struggled to do so because of GI issues, making the GI challenge much larger than simply 25%. 

This piqued my curiosity so I did a little searching online and learned another “Fun” factoid…. 4 out of 10 marathoners bonk during their marathon. . . . 40%!

What about Recovery?

Most athletes need at least 4 weeks to recover from a marathon, ultra or Iron Man . . .a month to recover!  Sure, they might be doing active recovery after a few days, and recovery level training after a few weeks but can’t resume their training in full force until after 4 weeks due to the damage they have done to their cells from the oxidative stress and lactate load caused by overconsumption of carbohydrates…which your body ‘sees’ as sugar. Now we all know too much sugar is not a good thing, but most of us want to ignore the fact that carbs turn into sugar from a metabolic perspective. 

While these issues of bonking, GI issues, and slow recovery are so commonplace they are seen as ‘normal’, ask yourself, Do you really want to bonk, have GI challenges and take a month to recover? . . . do you really want to be this kind of ‘normal’ as an endurance athlete? 

We Can Help You With GI Issues and Recovery

We have a better way. A fundamental shift to fat as fuel to tap into the limitless energy you have locked inside, rather than a metabolic dependency on external calories which drive the energy ups and downs, the GI issues and the cellular damage that is the root cause of poor recovery. 

We have a simple, one step product to get you started and give you a taste of what tapping into your internal energy is all about without any changes in your diet, training or lifestyle. VESPA. 

If you’d like to know more go to our website at vespapower.com, scroll to the bottom and get the ebook “Conquering the Terrible 3” for the deeper dive of how VESPA can provide you with immediate relief from bonking, GI issues and slow recovery. Or checkout our athletes and ambassadors and their VESPA/OFM stories and you’ll probably find you have a lot in common.

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