The American population is facing a major health crisis due to a combination of factors including overconsumption of carbohydrates, chronic stress, and the consumption of seed oils or processed oils. These factors contribute to glucose metabolism in cells, making them predisposed to infection and cancer. Additionally, many people are not aerobically fit, which further exacerbates this problem.

As Dr. Linda simply says so simply,  one of the main issues is sugar makes white cells lazy, which makes it difficult for the body to fight off infections. This is especially concerning for type 2 diabetics, whose blood sugar is constantly high and whose white cells are unable to function properly. Furthermore, research has shown that most cancer cells require sugar in order to grow/replicate and depriving them of sugar can inhibit their growth.

The current statistics on diabetes-related health care costs are staggering, and are only expected to rise in the next decade. This is a problem that we cannot afford, as it diverts funds away from education and defense. The solution to this problem lies in the promotion of metabolic health, which can be achieved by making healthier food choices, regular physical activity and engaging positively in every aspect of Life like Dr. Linda…..or Dr. Cathy!

It is important to note that the current food pyramid, which emphasizes the consumption of carbohydrates and low-fat meals, has contributed to this problem by causing massive sugar spikes in meals. Instead of rethinking the food pyramid, the solution proposed was to eat five or six small meals, while eliminating the massive spikes, still results in a high sugar load . . .oh, you’re still always hungry and go from snack to snack to maintain energy levels!

It breaks Dr. Linda’s heart to see young parents with extra weight knowing what their future holds in terms of health and how it will impact their family. The problem is further compounded by the fact that they are teaching their children bad eating habits. . . and it is not their fault. Most people are going by governmental and institutional ‘healthy’ dietary recommendations which are suggesting ‘Heart Healthy’ breakfast cereals are a healthier choice than a steak or ground beef! As Dr. Linda says in her full podcast she was one of those people raising a family the best she could by following the ‘official’ guidelines. 

Like Drs. Linda & Cathy, we need  to recognize we have the power to change our own health and that metabolic health is at the root of many of these problems. With the right information and input, we can take control of our own health and make positive changes for ourselves and for future generations. Take control of yours today! . . . and if you need a Guide we are here to help.

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