Why do we always focus on “Diet”

In today’s world we are being hit with lots of studies and facts, I call it “soundbite science” OR “soundbite news”.  The problem is when you look at just the soundbites this can lead to binary thinking.

So today I want us to take a bigger picture look at our health and what we know about Sports Nutrition.

When it comes to Fat Adaptation you need to know one thing

You are much more than your diet, your training, your sport or your lifestyle.

This goes back to my 3 constants vlog and the first constant; YOU are an individual.

This is easy to forget because sometimes we can become obsessed with our diet or workouts, but when we focus too much on one area we can lose sight of all the other important factors that make up YOU.

Why do we always go to “The Diet”?

It is part of our primitive hardwiring, because food is essential to our survival.

This can be heighten when people aren’t intermittent fasting, snacking too much, eating way too many carbohydrates, which can increase the sense of urgency around food. 

When do we focus on  Diet?

There is a sound reason why our minds go straight to the diet. It is simply our primitive hardwiring which is set, by default, to survival mode where food plays a primary role. Today, however, we have food readily available but interestingly the primitive hardwiring to focus on diet lingers, and the modern stimuli's are pinging that hardwiring.

Diet is a tool we use in OFM (Optimized Fat Metabolism) to help get your  physiology and metabolism back to it’s natural state of burning fat.

When you are in your natural state of burning fat for your energy source, you are also metabolizing fats for these essential building blocks of health:

  • Mitochondria

  • Cell wall integrity

  • Muscle fibres

  • Brain synapses

  • Hormonal balance

Glucose is a quick energy source for that “fight or flight response” it does nothing to build the body. In fact, too much glucose, causes oxidative stress as well as impedes fat metabolism.

So while diet is important it is not about the diet. It is about YOU!