In a recent article I talked about how you can use Intermittent Fasting over the holiday season.  The key points today add to the fasting tips and help you have a strategy so you let go and enjoy your festivities. It is also an opportunity to enhance your fat burning by extending the fasting windows because we know there is going to be too much of everything. 

The first and most important thing is to ENJOY your events! At the end of the day, it is better for your health to have a rich, stress-free social life and the year end is a time precisely for this.   

The important thing is to have a plan so you can relax and your family can relax with you.  

Here are a few tips:

1. Look at the Calendar and Plan

2. Ideally, plan physical activity before and the day after any event.  

Even if it is low / moderate exercise or something like cleaning the house.  45 minutes minimum but ideally 75 minutes or more of physical activity before and the day after an event.

3.  Hydrate properly: Hydration is more than water.

Make sure you replenish what fluids are lost through sweat from physical activity.  V8 juice, broth or electrolytes are perfect for this. If you consume more than a few alcoholic drinks, you will need to hydrate. Proper hydration helps attenuate hunger as well as helps you recover quicker. Drink to thirst and don’t try to hydrate. 

4.  Take a Vespa: 

If you really want to attenuate your hunger take a Vespa to bump up your fat metabolism thus, attenuate hunger.  

5.  Plan and Enjoy your eating: 

It is important when you do eat to not eat out of over-arching hunger - This is so you can enjoy the odd appetizer and enjoy your Holiday meals.  If you time things correctly then you can enjoy a few appetizers and drinks, have a plate of the main course with a glass or two of wine and even dessert!

6.  If you imbibe any significant amount of alcohol remember to take a glass of water and a Vespa to prevent the hangover. 

7. Plan to get out the next day for physical activity. 

I cannot stress this enough.  If you don’t have time for a run or ride, get active with family. Go for a walk, go to a museum or play some sport. The options are endless.  

8. Perform fasts that are achievable for YOU! 

As I mentioned in the previous article on Intermittent Fasting (IF), use achievable and do-able IF windows. Don’t try to starve yourself in between festive events. The goal is to trigger the hormonal signalling and enzymatic pathways which get your physiology to burn your body fat. 

So go ahead and enjoy the Holiday festivities using the strategies I’ve outlines here and in the previous IF blog so you can successfully navigate the off-season and Holidays. This way you  can start your 2020 Training ready to go and without the huge fluctuation in weight gain. 

On behalf of the Vespa/OFM Team we want to wish you a Happy Holidays and ‘All the Best!’ in 2020!

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