“A picture is worth a thousand words” - Confucius

This image is an unsolicited post by a Vespa user with the caption, “All you need for a good time.” ...this is fueling simplified, naturally.

We get a lot of these because people who use Vespa ‘get it’. Not only does Vespa simplify the fueling equation, but the investment in Vespa pays out in lower overall costs AND improved performance and health. Now that’s VALUE!

When you tap into the energy source Nature intended you to use (your onboard fat calories), you are tapping into the limitless potential of YOU and making a paradigm-shift away from a dependence on this:

While they call it “Nutrition”, it is anything but that! This is sugar, plain and simple. While a little bit works wonders, the overuse of concentrated forms of carbohydrates has unintended consequences. This is why we look at concentrated carbs as a ‘Legal PED’. 

And guess what...The more sugar you use, the more you need, and this literally becomes addiction. This is nothing more than basic physiology and metabolism. As we know, life also gets complicated when we do things that are not-sustainable. This is no different here. 

Now, while the one on one cost makes Vespa seem ridiculously expensive to the uninformed, those in the know realize that using Vespa actually lowers their overall cost. Gone are multiple gels, the pre-workout shake, the post exercise recovery drink, the lactic acid buffer, the shot blocks, bars, waffles and liquid nutrition, all in a vain attempt to avoid bonking; the ‘special’ foods, the carb-loading, the five meals a day and constant snacking to satisfy the constant hunger triggered by a carbohydrate metabolism... All this complicated mess of cheap, sugar-based products adds up, costing you more money and costing you your health & vitality.

When you place value on your health, it becomes crystal clear that overconsumption of concentrated forms of carbohydrates has serious implications for both health and performance. You begin to recognize the value of Vespa and the Vespa developed OFM Program. 

Vespa users:

  • Eat real food at meal time & use mostly natural supplements like Vespa
  • Don’t get ‘Hangry’ or bonk in training, racing or life
  • Recover in ways you have to experience to believe. This really is a sign of damage prevention rather than actual recovery. Just listen to what athletes just like you have to say.

You can start today to make that paradigm-shift and experience fat-adapted performance simply by using Vespa, a natural catalyst to enhance fat metabolism, without making any changes to your current diet or training. Once you experience the benefits, we can help you optimize your fat metabolism (OFM) so you can reach your health & performance potential.

You can learn more at :

www.vespapower.com or keep reading this blog.

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