Gavin McClurg's story is a remarkable journey of athletic resilience and adaptability. Born and raised in Lake Tahoe, Nevada, McClurg was a promising ski racer, making the U.S. Ski Team at 17 and competing at high levels, including Europa Cups and Nor Ams. He was on track for the 1994 Olympics when a knee injury during the Gulf War derailed his ski racing career.

Facing the reality of his injury, McClurg, then 18, pivoted his life away from professional skiing. He explored other athletic pursuits like rock climbing, white water kayaking, and sailing, ultimately sailing around the world twice and spending 15 years at sea. His business now involves running kite surfing expeditions globally.

At 48, McClurg experienced what he calls his second comeback into professional sports through paragliding. He specialized in cross-country paragliding, breaking records and participating in Red Bull's Explorer series. His most significant challenge has been the Red Bull X Alps, a grueling 12-day foot/paragliding race across the Alps, which he has participated in three times and is training for his fourth.

Initially, McClurg struggled with the race's endurance aspect, relying on sugar-heavy diets that led to inflammation and severe physical discomfort. This experience led him to discover Vespa and Peter Defty's Optimized Fat Metabolism (OFM) program. Transitioning to a fat-based metabolism and reducing carbohydrate reliance transformed his racing experience. In subsequent races, he experienced significantly less inflammation, better endurance, and more efficient energy use.

McClurg's journey is a testament to his adaptability and willingness to embrace change for better performance. His story highlights the importance of diet and metabolic efficiency in endurance sports, especially for athletes facing physical challenges or at a later stage in their career.

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