Today, I really want to drive home a key concept to those of you who are new to Vespa.  I'm going to use the analogy that's based on some other experiences in my life that are outside the framework of Vespa. So today we're going to talk about Screwing. Now, I got your attention right.!

Quality Tools To Do The Right Job

I'm a gearhead by nature and I like to work on cars, both heavy equipment, you name it,  I like to screw with it, but I don't like to screw things up. I'm not wealthy, however I use this Snap-On screwdriver. This Snap-On Phillips head screwdriver costs a fortune, this is what the professionals use. And why would I spend a fortune for the Snap-On screwdriver when I could buy this perfectly good Stanley screwdriver made in China that cost a fraction of this?

Because this works. This doesn't screw things up. It doesn't strip out heads. It's hard, it works. And in the long run, it's the big best value. Every professional mechanic uses it. That's why professional mechanics use professional quality tools. 

Affordable Quality for Fueling for your Body

It's no different with you and your body. If you want to screw things up, start consuming a bunch of gels. How many of you have done that and wound up puking or with GI distress at the sight or smell of a certain flavor of your favorite gel.   You can't stand it, but it's more than that. Check out what elite ultra runner Nick Coury, who has actually beaten horses in a 50 mile race, thought when he first was exposed to Vespa. In the video you will see what Nick thought of Vespa at first but now he never leaves home without it.

Now, as you can see, Nic's like, why am I going to pay five, six, seven dollars for something that's bogus, that has no calories, just like this snap on screwdriver, which most consumers would think, why would I pay a fortune for a screwdriver? 

This is why -  if you've ever had too many gels and you’re bonking and you're puking and you're sore for days after, you've got to start thinking of the value of Vespa because you don't have the soreness, it doesn't screw you up because Vespa works with your natural physiology.

Vespa is not expensive, you will actually save money.

Well, not only does it work to fuel you naturally, it’s also better for your health, but it actually doesn't cost nearly as much as normal fueling.  Most people look at a pouch of VESPA and they compare it one on one with a price of a gel, because we've been conditioned to think that way, but it doesn't work that way.

Here is an example - If you're going out for your training, run for, say, two hours, how do these numbers work out? We're going to keep it real simple. 

A Vespa user wakes up in the morning, you take a pouch of Vesar, you go out for a run of 90 minutes, two hours, two and a half hours, three hours.  That's it. You come back, you're not hungry. You eat breakfast sometime later that morning, you're all done. 

Now, how does that stack up with with high carb runner?  Well, you're going to be taking either a bowl of oatmeal, a bananam a bagel or even a gel before you run.  You have some cost and time there. Then half hour into that run, you're going to take another gel,  at the hour mark you’re going to take another gel, at the hour and a half you’re going to take another gel… get the picture right?

Suddenly you've spent as much money on gels as you would for a pack of Vespa. You do the math. A Vesper either only costs a little bit more, the same or less. And we're not even talking about that 4 to 1 recovery drink you have to drink in that 30 minute window after when you do a high carb diet and you've got to do your glycogen replenishment.

Any long term Vespa athlete will tell you, once you combine Vespa with an Optimized Fat Metabolism protocol for living, the actual total costs become less.    We're not even talking about the health benefits that you see see. 

Don’t Screw Up Your Health and Performance

So just like that mechanic who doesn't screw around and goes out and pays the big bucks for that Snap-On screwdriver because he understands the value of having a tool that's going to work and not screw things up.

You need to place a value on your health in your performance and not screw it up over the long term. So start by getting a twelve pack of Vespa.  And if you're more curious or not sure, sign up and get our book Conquering the Terrible Threes to learn how you can make bonking GI issues and that muscle soreness after your training and race is a thing of the past. 

Go to and sign up and grab yourself a pack of Vespa and start to understand what true value is all about.

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