Ketone supplements are all the rage and all claiming they are backed by ‘science’. However, with this surge in popularity comes a lot of ‘science’ backed hype which has little to do with the actual science.

Peter Defty and Frank Llosa shed light on the complexities and pitfalls in the current ketone landscape. They reveal how some companies are misrepresenting their products through citing ‘science’ to infer their product’s efficacy when the truth is very different, thus causing consumers to have false expectations. This discussion highlights the critical differences between true ketone esters and other ketone products, and the misleading claims that are pervasive in today’s online marketing sphere.

And don’t forget, your liver is your most potent source of ketones when you optimize your fat metabolism.

Here are the talking points:

  • Messy Ketone Market: The ketone market is currently chaotic due to a surge in ketone products which infer their products perform in the same way that ketones (beta-hydroxybutyrate), whether naturally produced or exogenous ketone esters do.

  • Science Hijacking: Many companies are citing scientific research to market products that don't deliver the same benefits as ketosis or genuine ketone esters.

  • Ketone Ester vs. Ketone Alcohol vs. Ketone Salts:

    • True ketone esters, beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) bound to an ester, are the only true exogenous ketone supplement. . 

    • In contrast, there are several products making claims inferring to be an exogenous ketone product when they really are a form of alcohol . . . yes, that is correct, an alcohol (R-1,3 Butandiol) that quickly converts to beta-hydroxybutyrate in the liver. As an alcohol this carries some metabolic consequences because alcohol requires the liver to do some heavy lifting.  

    • Ketone salts do not have the ability to raise blood ketones in the same way that ketone esters or does while it has a high mineral load.

  • Misleading Claims: Companies falsely claim or infer that their products induce ketosis, the fat burning state, which leads to consumer expectations which are patently false.

  • Consumer Misconceptions: Consumers often mistake ketosis these products with ketosis through the association of the word ketones with ketosis. In most individuals ketone supplements will actually inhibit the natural fat burning state of ketosis.

  • Product Effectiveness: Ketone esters provide genuine benefits like mental clarity and sharpness, while other products raise blood ketone levels without the same effectiveness and with potential side effects..

  • Different Ingredients, Different Results: There are significant differences in how various ketone products work and their results. Products like r-1,3-butanediol alone can cause side effects such as a buzz, unlike ketone esters.

  • Use Cases: KetoneAid markets the R-1,3 Butanediol for relaxation or as an alcohol alternative because this is the appropriate application for these exogenous ketone products which masquerade as a true ketone ester.

  • Transparency and Claims: Like most of the online sphere there is a LOT of hyperbole when it comes to ketones and ketosis and both Peter and Frank do their best to cut through the hype on ketones, ketosis, ketone precursors to give you the information you need to make an informed choice. 

This video underscores the need for clarity and honesty in the ketone supplement industry. As consumers navigate this burgeoning market, understanding the distinction between genuine ketone esters and less effective alternatives is essential. 

As discussed in the full podcast with Frank Llosa, your body is the most potent source of ketones producing up to 300+ grams per day of Beta-hydroxybutyrate. This is precisely why optimizing fat metabolism is so important so you have the metabolic capacity to make and harness your full potential. 

Like carbohydrates, exogenous ketone supplementation can play an important role for performance and recovery. Both the science and current use in sports demonstrate the value of strategic use of exogenous ketones, in particular the ketone ester products. Unfortunately the influencer driven hype on exogenous ketone products has taken the focus away from your most potent source of ketones . . . YOU!

Learn how you can develop your foundation so you can enjoy “Higher Health & Peak Performance” in all aspects of Life by contacting us today. 

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